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Doulton Doulton Chiné vases (pair). Fantastic pair of Doulton Chiné vases with textured bodies in shades of beige, gold, turquoise and a deep ruby red. Their hand-painted necks have a leaf-like design in green trimmed with gold on a contrasting red background. Incised on their bases with a Doulton/Lambeth logo, "Doulton Slaters Patent", the letter "F" and then some numbers (x3335) printed in black. A very nice example of this type work, which was produced for only a few years in the 1880s. It is difficult to find a pair of these, especially in such fine condition. 9¾" (H). SOLD. (#H060)
Doulton Doulton motto pitcher. Large seriesware pitcher with a well-clad English gentleman (cavalier) on one side and the following motto on the other: "Now I have a sheep and a cow, everyone bids me good-morrow". The handle, base and inner and outer lip of the pitcher are highly decorated. Has fine overall crazing and is marked on the base with the Doulton lion over crown mark and "Royal Doulton England." Height: 8"; diameter at base: 5". SOLD. (#L124)
Doulton Doulton motto jug. Doulton jug decorated with four raised medallions surrounded by various mottos. The mottos are: "Straight is the line of duty; Curved is the line of beauty; Follow the straight line thou shalt see; The curved line ever follow thee". Impressed on base is Doulton Lambeth England mark, 7629 and initials "hk". Height: 6¼". $250. (#M126)
Doulton Doulton Silicon ewer. This long-handled ewer (or pitcher) is done in brown matt glaze and is decorated with an applied white, blue and darker brown floral design. The base is incised with the Doulton Silicon Lambeth mark and the initials "hh". Height of the ewer is 6" and with the handle extends to 7½". SOLD. (#E012)
Royal Doulton Royal Doulton figurine: "Midsummer Noon". Early figurine that was designed by Leslie Harradine, made from 1939-1949 and is hard to find. The lady in the blue dress (HN1900) is the most rare version of "Midsummer Noon" and the registration number on the base of this figurine (RdNo 834480) indicates it was made in 1939, during the first year of production. Condition is excellent. Height: 5"; width: ~5¼". SOLD. (#D277)
Royal Doulton Royal Doulton flambé dish. Veined (#1621), Royal Doulton printed mark, Made in England. Diameter: 6½". $45. (#Z254)
Royal Doulton Royal Doulton flambé duck figurine. Royal Doulton printed mark, Made in England. Height: 6½". SOLD. (#Z318)
Royal Doulton Royal Doulton flow blue Gibson girl plates. Thumbnail depicts a Royal Doulton Gibson girl plate with a black transfer of an original Charles Gibson etching entitled: "Miss Babbles brings a copy of a morning paper and expresses her indignation and sympathy over a scurrilous article. Meanwhile other friends are calling upon the editor". Has the Royal Doulton blue underglaze mark and an impressed mark. Circa 1900. Diameter: 10 ½". $265. (#H116)

Two other plates from the same set are also available at the same price: "Mr Waddles arrives late and finds her card filled" (#H117), and "A quiet dinner with Dr Bottles: after which he reads aloud Miss Babbles latest work" (#H118).

Royal Doulton Royal Doulton pitcher & wash bowl (Aubrey flow blue pattern). Pitcher (13½" H, 7½" D); Bowl (16¼" D). Royal Doulton, England, circa 1902. This set has a beautiful art nouveau-style design and is in excellent condition with only minor gilt wear on handle. SOLD. (#Z309)
Wedgwood Florentine Wedgwood "Florentine" Turquoise dinnerware. Several pieces of vintage Wedgwood in their Turquoise "Florentine" pattern from the late 1930s and early 1940s; all in excellent condition. See Wedgwood "Florentine" Gallery.
Wedgwood Wedgwood jasperware pitcher. Dark blue pitcher with high relief work of a Grecian scene. There are decorative bands with a detailed design both above and below the figures. The interior has a white glaze. Incised: "WEDGWOOD" and "ENGLAND (in old serif style). Excellent condition. 7"(H). SOLD. (#D064)
Wedgwood Wedgwood lustreware bowl. Octagonal dragon lustre bowl, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1915. On the exterior of this fine bone china octagonal bowl are gold outlined dragons on a deep blue lustre ground. The inside has vividly colored birds (also outlined in gold) on an aqua lustre ground. This is offset by a deeply colored and gilded central panel with a floral design. Marked "Wedgwood". 4"(D). SOLD. (#Z291)
Wedgwood Wedgwood plaque: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Small circular (2½" diameter) jasperware plaque of FDR, made by Wedgwood in a Limited Edition of 1000. The cameo of FDR is very well done and the mold for this cameo was the same one used for sulphide paperweights of FDR made by Cristal d'Albret in France. The plaque comes in its original Wedgwood box. $25/each. (#ZL140)

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