Other Woodblock Prints

Note: all non-Japanese woodblock prints are matted and framed unless indicated otherwise.

98fat.jpg - 4658 Bytes Sanda Aronson (b. 1940; New York City). "Black and White", 12½" x 20". Titled, numbered ("1/30") & signed across the bottom. $225. (#98FA)
Bartholomew Dorothy Daly Bartholomew (1908-1997; Newport, New Hampshire). We have obtained a number of prints from the estate of this hitherto underappreciated but important late American woodblock print artist. Several representative examples, listed below, can be found in our Dorothy Batholomew Gallery.
•Let the Birds Multiply (#99ACa)              •Head of Christ ((#99CPe)
•Waterfront Construction (#99ACb) •Little Totem (#99CPb)
•Across the Creek (#99ACc) •All the World's a Stage (#99CPc)
•Flowers of Gold (#99ACd) •Near Pop's Farm (#99CPd)
•St. Celia (#99AQe) •Near Pop's Farm (B&W) (#99AQb)
•To Market (#99AQf) •Sing to the Mountains (#99APa)
•Mine (#99AQh) •African Gazelle (#99APb)
•Owl (#99AQg) •Drying the Nets (#99APc)
•Owls (#99BS) •House Cat (#99AQa)
•Harbor 2 (#99CPa)
Dadds Jerry Dadds (Contemporary; Ruxton, Maryland). "Winged Revelation"; unframed (15" x 15"). Numbered ("7/50"), titled, and signed in pencil across the bottom margin. SOLD. (#A0ET)
Dai Dai Zen-Zong (Contemporary; Chinese). "Melon Field"; unframed (20" x 16). Titled, dated ("1985"), numbered ("23/100"), and signed in pencil across the bottom margin. $110. (#A2ALa)
Havens James D. Havens, A.N.A. (1900-1960; Fairport, New York); 11½" x 7½". "Rout". Titled, dated ("1960"), numbered ("31/50"), and signed in pencil across the bottom margin. SOLD. (#A4AQ)
Hidayat Hidayat (20th C.; Indonesian). Oceanside farm. Unusually large (30" x 23½") woodblock print by this popular Indonesian artist. Numbered, signed and dated ["(1) yat 76"] LR. $250. (#A0FC)
Hugo R. Hugo (20th C.; Virginia City, NV). Fourth Ward School; print on thick 16" x 12" cardstock as shown; unframed. Signed LR en bloc; numbered ("6") and titled in pencil across the bottom. $75. (#98CK)
Jacoulet Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960; French living in Japan). "Pelerinages d'automne. Isle de Sado, Japon" (Miles No. 120); 14½" x 11¾". Pencil signed with ivy leaf seal LR; published July 5, 1952 by Onodera (less than 140 impressions made). SOLD. (#C213)
Karhu Clifton Karhu (b. 1927; American living in Japan). "Kiyomizu Tera (Kiyomizu Temple)" ; unframed with kento notch in LL corner, 11¼" x 14". Title and publisher ("Unsodo han") indicated in left margin with signature ("cKARHU") in LL image; undated (ca. 1970s). Printed on heavy paper (11¾" x 16¼") with Unsodo "Gei" watermark in UL corner, L&R deckle edges, and minimal bottom edge. SOLD. (#A2AK)
Katz A. Raymond Katz ("Sandor") (1895-1974; Chicago, IL). "The Mishna": Six original (unframed) woodcuts, based on the six principal Orders of "The Mishna" as compiled by Rabbi Judah Ha-Nasi at the end of the Second Century, titled "Seeds" (ZERAIM), "Festivals" (M0'ED), "Women" (NOSHIM), "Damages" (NEZIKIM), "Holy Objects" (KODASHIM), and "Purity" (TOHOROT). Each woodcut has a 13" x 10" image on heavy paper (18¼" x 11¾") and is titled, numbered ("62/100") and signed in pencil across the bottom. Published by Arthur Rothman Fine Arts, N.Y.C., in 1964. In hard cover folio with commentary by Charles Angoff. SOLD. (#A0BZ)
Landau Jacob Landau (1917-2001; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). "Jefferson", 15¼" x 6" (O.D. = 20½" x 16½"). Titled, numbered ("77/250"), and signed across the bottom. $195. (#A5BS)
Sapkus J. Sapkus (20th C.; American). "Harbor bridge", 16" x 18". Signed and dated ("1957") LR. SOLD. (#98BAb)
Stolpe Daniel O. Stolpe (contemporary; Santa Cruz, California). "Stalking Cat" is an artist's proof of a woodblock print. Unframed; signed and dated ("'90") LR; 8" x 19". SOLD. (#98BB)
Takik Bryant Tikik (l. 20th C; Inuit). "Man and his country" (6" x 4"). Unframed but within a 10" x 8" matte with backing; numbered ("22/50"), titled, signed and dated ("'12/76") across the bottom margin in pencil. $95. (#A0AF)
Taylor Ralph Taylor (b. 1897; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). "Mother & child #2". Woodblock print under glass in attractive matching vintage frame; visible area = 23" x 11½"; ca. mid 20th C. Numbered ("1/18") LL, titled bottom center, and signed LR. SOLD. (#99DA)

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