Paintings done with watercolor or gouache (A-J)

All paintings are framed unless indicated otherwise; dimensions refer to visible area.

Blair Robert Noel Blair (b. 1912; Holland New York). Schooners returning; signed LL (16" x 20"). SOLD. (#97CX)
Boghossian G. Boghossian (mid 20th C.; Iranian). Iranian village gate; signed & dated ("1956") LL (7¾" x 10¾"). both SOLD. (#C100b) Note: a companion piece, similarly framed, signed, dated and depicting a Camel caravan, is available for the same price. (#C100a)
Brown Michael Brown (1840-1900; British). Children by the coast; signed LL (13¼" x 10¼"). $950. (#97BG)
Cady Henry N. Cady (b. 1849; Warren, Pennsylvania). "Morning surf"; signed LR (16" x 28"). SOLD. (#99CS)
Chaffee Samuel R. Chaffee (20th C; American). Woodland trail; signed LL (19¼" x 11½"). SOLD. (#A5BP)
Charchoune Serge Ivanovich Charchoune (1888-1975; Russian/French). Garden; signed and dated ("13XI73") in pencil LR (5¾" x 8½"). Also signed on the back of the watercolor in Cyrillic (not visible unless disassembled). Painting is recessed from matte by beveled ¼" fillet. On the backing, the original owner describes (in French) Charchoune's creation of this watercolor. SOLD. (#98CD)
Cohn Harold Cohn (1908-1982; Detroit, Michigan). Nude study; signed LR (11¼" x 9½"). SOLD. (#97CT)
Coop Hubert Coop (1872-1953; British). Shepherdess at twilight; signed and dated ("1894") LR (31" x 15"). SOLD. (#A4AJ)
Edwards Sydenham Teast Edwards (1768-1819; British). "Motacilla salicaria. Sedge warbler"; signed & dated ("1794") LL; titled beneath (10" x 8"). SOLD. (#97DM)
Fiala Václav Fiala (b. 1896; Czech). Czech girl in native costume; unframed watercolor signed and dated ("62") LR (17½" x 13"). $125. (#98AV) [Note: A companion watercolor of a Czech girl in native costume, similarly signed and dated, is also available for the same price: (#98AU).
Fischer Irma E. Fischer (early 20th C.; Cleveland, Ohio). "All Set" (titled verso); signed and dated ("'25") LR (19½" x 14½"). SOLD. (#97BI)
Fisher Harrison Fisher (1875-1934; New York City). Moonlit romance; watercolor and ink. Signed and dated ("1910") LR (9½" x 14½"). $1,950. (#C210)
Gill Miriam Fort Gill (d. 1917; Battle Creek, Michigan). Victorian Lady in Blue; signed LL (oval image size: 8¼" x 6¼"). $225. (#A1AG)
Greenwood Timothy J. Greenwood (b. 1947; British). Elk mother and fawn; exquisitely painted watercolor (10" x 12"). $275. (#98EJ)
Hatch Emily Nichols Hatch (1871-1959; New York City). Urban estate; unframed but matted watercolor signed & dated ("1928") LL (9¼" x 6½"). SOLD. (#A4BR)
Hecht Zoltan Hecht (1890-1968; Brooklyn, New York). Washington Square Park; pencil signed LR (11½" x 8"). SOLD. (#97BJ)
Hoffman Keith Hoffman (20th C.; American). Rocky coast; watercolor extended onto mat and signed along the edge of mat LL (10" x 14" overall). $95. (#97CL)

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