Katherine Joy Postle (1896-1989) was born and received her primary education in Idaho; after teaching art in the local schools, she went on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago (where she received recognition for her drawings), and subsequently spent most of her life in Florida, living in the Pensacola and Orlando areas. She also traveled west along the Gulf Coast and north to the Smokey Mountain region, recording her journeys in many landscapes primarily done as watercolors. Her other main interest was in birds, about which she wrote and illustrated several books, including "Fine Feathers" (1941; jointly published by Postle and her husband Robert Blackstone), "Glamor Birds" (1944; published by Blackstone), and "Drawing Birds" (1961; published by Pitman Publishing Corporation, NY). She is listed in both "Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide" and Doris Dawdy's "Artists of the American West."

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