"Louis Bastin was born in 1912 in Moscow. His father came from France and his mother came from a Dutch family who had been living in Moscow since Napoleon. Bastin left Russia before the first World War and became a Swede at the age of seven. After school and college in Sweden he was thrown into an artistic career by the well known writer, Albert Engstrom, who said: "Try to become an artist, young man, you are no good for anything else." Bastin went to Paris and studied under Marcel Gromaire. He spent much of his time visiting the Louvre studying the masters.

Today, Bastin is one of Sweden's foremost artists and one of the deans of contemporary printmaking in his native country. He makes his home in Stockholm and has exhibited in all the major capitals of Europe as well as the United States and South America." --Published ca. 1960 by Associated American Artists

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With frame and matte:

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Upper detail:

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Lower detail, including number and signature:

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