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Gouda Gouda "Suled" chamberstick (c. 1910-1920). 3¼" (H); ~4¾" (Diam.). Nicely marked on base. Please note that the three light areas on edge of underside of piece are glaze skips and not chips. $200. (#KR069)
Gouda Gouda "Sambesi" chamberstick (1924). 3¼" (H) x ~6½" (Diam.). Nicely marked on base, which has a small central hole in it. $200. (#L146)
Gouda Gouda Ivora pair of vases (c. 1920). Very large pair of matching Gouda vases in the high-glazed "Juliana" series. The rich colors of these elaborately decorated pieces are emphasized by the cream colored backgrounds on these extremely attractive vases. Each is marked: "Juliana Ivora Gouda 207". Condition is excellent. 10¼" (H); 5½" (top Diam.). $995/pair. (#H114)
Gouda Gouda "Unique Metalique" plate. This scalloped edge plate has a rather unusual glaze. The deep blue-green regions have an iridescent appearance and the edge of the piece is an iridescent copper lustre. This is especially apparent on the underside of the plate (see pictures). The "Unique Metalique" glaze, developed by H.A. Verlée, was produced for only a few years (1948-1952). Phyllis Ritvo wrote in her book (The World of Gouda Pottery): "Although extremely attractive, Unique Metalique's cost was double that of anything else and too few customers were willing to pay the price". Thus, it was only made for a few years. 8¼" (Diam.). SOLD. (#H115)
Gustavsberg Argenta Gustavsberg "Argenta" footed bowl. Bowl signed on base "Gustavsberg Argenta", with anchor mark and "#1094 III, Made in Sweden." Bowl is decorated with small tulip-like silver flowers and the rim also has a silver design. All silver trim is in excellent condition. Diameter is 6" and the foot, which is trimmed with a thin silver band, is ¼" in height. $150. (#F048/J188)
Longwy Longwy "Renaissance" charger. 10½". French art pottery charger in the "Renaissance" pattern, designed by M.P. Chevallier and produced between 1951-1962. Well marked on base. SOLD. (# L122)
Moorcroft Moorcroft "Hibiscus" bowl. Vintage Moorcroft footed bowl with a central design of a deep red hibiscus on a green/blue background. Impressed on its underside : "Moorcroft" and "Made in England" and it looks like there might have originally been a blue signature (?) that is now just a smudge. 4½" (Diam.) x 1½" (H). $150. (#M103)
Roseville Roseville “Brown Pinecone” jardiniere (632-7). Large Roseville twig-handled jardiniere in the “Brown Pinecone” pattern, which was first made in the early 1930s. The interior of the rim is green and this blends into a yellowish brown color, that is the same as the exterior color of the piece. The piece has good color and a strong mold, and no chips, cracks, repairs or crazing. The inside shows a slight indication of minor use, but this is not objectionable. Marked on base (“Roseville USA 632-7"). Height: ~7"; top diameter: 8"; maximum width: ~10". Note: A matching pair of identical vases (#S033ab) is also available. SOLD. (#S032)
Roseville Pair of Roseville “Brown Pinecone” vases (840-7). It is hard to find a matching pair of fine Roseville twig-handled vases in the "Brown Pinecone" pattern. The interior of the rim of each vase is green and this blends into a yellowish brown color that is the same as the exterior color of each vase. Condition is very good: no chips, repairs, etc., but each has some minor crazing on its body. One has two minor pinpoint size dimples on its body made at the time of manufacture. Each base is impressed: Roseville 840-7. Height: 7¼"; diameter at top: 3". $400/pr. (#S033a/b)
Roseville Roseville "Florentine" jardiniere. Large jardiniere with cream-colored background and green and rust trim. Inside near base is slightly stained. 12" (Diam) x 8" (H). SOLD. (#G034)
RoyalStanley Ware Royal Stanley Ware "Jacobean" vase. Royal Stanley Ware vase, made in England by Colclough & Co., circa 1919. This high glaze Arts and Crafts vase is very similar in appearance to some Moorcroft pottery being made at the time. This vase depicts apples and grapes on a rich blue background. The hand-painted pattern is all around the vase and in between the fruit are sprigs of blue flowers. Base is well marked ["Royal Stanley Ware (RS mark), C&Co, Jacobean, England"]. Approximately 7" (H). SOLD. (#H112)
RumRill RumRill vase. Octagonal shaped vase with interesting drip glaze on its mat surfaced exterior. An interesting orange and yellow "splotchy" pattern is found lining the inner surface of this 5¼" high vase. Signed: "RumRill 297". SOLD. (#E107)
Weller Weller "Louwelsa" ewer. Early Louwelsa ewer depicting peaches on a vine. Artist signed on front: "LM" (Lillie Mitchell who worked at Weller in the late 1800s). Marked with Louwelsa circle seal on base. Has some fine age crazing. 12½" H. SOLD. (#C260)
Weller Weller "Marbleized" bowl. High-gloss faux marble glaze on this low bowl, which is die impressed "Weller" on its base. Circa 1914. 7" (D); 2" (H). SOLD. (#C040)
Weller Weller "Turkis" vase. Unusual shaped deep red vase with an interesting drip glaze in shades of yellow and green. Incised in script "Weller Pottery" on the base. 5" (H); 7¼" (W). $135. (#G177)

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