Born and educated in Italy, Lebrun came to California in 1938 and established himself as an artist in 1940 with three shows in Santa Barbara, San Diego and San Francisco. Lebrun was devoted to the figure, believing it to be the vehicle through which subjects of universal significance could best be addressed. He also had great respect both for historical European paintings and drawings (particularly Goya) and for the graphic esthetic of engraving and etching. His work tended to be monochromatic, with particular attention being given to the use of a delicate line. Lebrun was also a profoundly religious artist in a non-religious time and he maintained his singular vision, despite the more modernist trends that flourished late in his life. Lebrun's works have been collected by the major museums around the country, with his best known work arguably being the "Genesis" mural at Pomona College in California done in the early 1960s. This large pen & ink drawing is attractively double matted in black and gray under glass, and is in a relatively simple black frame measuring 33" x 23".

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