Born in Hungary, Marcel VertÚs initially attended the School of Fine Arts in Budapest, but moved to Paris in 1920. He studied at the Academie Jullian while working for Paris publications. He exhibited 25 watercolors at the Salon des Humoristes as early as 1921, and subsequently had several one-man shows and participated in numerous group and salon shows. Known in his time primarily as an illustrator and decorator, VertÚs illustrated (and authored) many books, executed murals, and designed scenery for theaters in Paris, London, and (near the end of his life) especially New York. Today his deft drawings and paintings have received new attention and appreciation. "The kiss," a lithograph executed ca. 1959 and used as the cover for VertÚs' final book ("Variations," publ. 1960), is a delightful example of his work.

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