Cloisonné and Champlevé

Charger (Japanese). Unusual mid-to-late 19th C. cloisonné charger in very good condition. Central panels depict a moon, several birds and 2 types of flowers on a turquoise background, surrounded by a floral scroll design on a white background. The underside of the plate has a scroll pattern, which also covers the upstand of the foot ring; the well of the base is a deep turquoise enamel with some black enamel on its edge (which appears like damage in the photo, but is not!). 10¾"(D). SOLD. (#B123)
Totai cloisonné vases - pair (Japanese). Pair of large, 19th century Japanese totai cloisonné vases. It is hard to find such a fine pair of ceramic cloisonné vases in such excellent condition! Anyone familiar with the cloisonné on porcelain technique will appreciate that the vases are much more attractive than the photographs suggest. The pictures show all sides of both vases. The first picture shows the two vases; the vase on the left is vase A and the one on the right is vase B. The second picture shows the opposite sides of each vase. The third picture that has 4 panels shows details of all the surfaces of vase A and the fourth picture shows details of all the surfaces of vase B. The signature on the underside of both vases is depicted in the last picture (only onr shown). As can be seen, the two vases are not identical but are well-matched. Vase A has a cartouche with a white cloisonné background that is decorated with flowers and birds and in between the white cartouches is turquoise cloisonné decorated with butterflies. Vase B is the reverse; it has two turquoise cartouches with white in between that is also decorated with butterflies. The necks and feet of both vases are similar in design, but not identical; the interiors are creamy white in color. A stunning pair of old and very hard to find totai cloisonné vases! Each 11¼" (H) and signed. $1,800/pr. (#B146)
Ginger jar (Japanese). Cloisonné-on-satsuma totai ginger jar with a deep maroon background. Hard to find Japanese piece in an unusual color. Fine crazing and a few very small and barely visible nicks in the enamel, which is typical of old ceramic cloisonné. I would describe this jar as being in very good condition. 5½"(H) x 4¾(W). SOLD. (#E058)
Golden Age cloisonné vases and censor - set of three (Japanese). Three piece matching set of highly detailed late 19th century Japanese cloisonné vases and censer (koro). Each of the 7" (H) vases is done primarily in shades of brown, rust, a burnt yellow and green and are mirror images. The colors of the enamels are quite interesting and much of the enamel has a speckled appearance. The body of each vase has rust colored shields with goldstone and this background surrounds a Ho-Ho bird. The alternating shields, which depict a dragon, have a speckled rust/beige background. Near the shoulder of the vases is a highly decorated burnt yellow speckled band with a flower design and this serves as the background for small cartouches that have either a central butterfly or flower. As depicted, there are several other bands of finely detailed work on each vase. Neither the base or necks of these vases are enameled. The censer matches the vases and has much smaller versions of the above motifs. The details and workmanship are extremely fine. All of these pieces are of the highest quality and in very good condition. The wires are so thin that they are sometimes difficult to discern. The inside of the censor is green enamel and the three ball feet appear to be cast brass. The underside of this piece is also decorated. The censor is 5" in height. $900/set. (#B148/149)
Champlevé lamp. Interesting champlevé lamp that rests on a wooden base. Most likely this was originally a 19th century champlevé urn that was converted into a lamp many years ago. (There are two smooth areas on the central bronze panel that appear to have been where handles had been applied - these seem to have been professionally [?] removed and filled in). The designs on the champlevé are rather unusual and are repeated around the circumference of the lamp. The bronze on most of the lamp is smooth with a nice patina and as can be seen in the detailed picture, the top band of bronze is not smooth but has a repeating design. The urn itself is ~12" (H), the base is 1½"(H), and the height to the top of the harp (without finial) is ~22". $295. (#A021)
Large cloisonné lamp with reticulated metal base. This very large and attractive cloisonné lamp has several dragons, flowers, clouds and other designs in various colors on a mat-white ground. The height of the lamp, from the bottom of the base to the top of the cloisonné portion is ~21 inches. From the metal plate at the top of the cloisonné region to the top of the removable harp is another 13 inches. Thus the total height (with this harp and without a shade) is ~34 inches. The diameter at its widest part is ~10.5 inches. The condition of the cloisonné is very good, with only a few very minor flaws that are barely noticeable. In some of the photos, the cord can be seen wrapped around the base. SOLD. (#KR153)
Urn. Impressively large 19th century bronze champlevé urn encircled by four decorative bands of champlevé (enamel). The bronze covering most of the non-champlevé surfaces has a scroll design and between the first and second bands of champlevé the bronze has a row of small raised animal heads. The urn also has animal handles and its original patina. Condition of both the champlevé (enamel) and bronze are excellent. 22" (H). $495. (#B001)
Urn/vase, double-handled. Exceptionally attractive 19th century champlevé urn/vase with an unusual and well-executed design on the central champlevé panel. This wide champlevé band, has a central medallion depicting a Ho-Ho bird, which is surrounded by a floral design on a turquoise ground. The enamel is in very good condition and the bronze patina is beautiful. This is an especially nice champlevé piece! 12" (H). SOLD. (#B035)
Vase (Japanese). Stunning turn-of-the-century cloisonné vase in rich colors with a deep blue background on its lower half. Shield-shaped panels depict elaborate dragons and birds and the rust ground in some of these has goldstone. This vase, which is 12¼" in height, is decorated with many different and interesting patterns, and the base is covered with green enamel. SOLD. (#B053)
Vase, cloisonné-on-porcelain (Japanese). Silver wire cloisonné vase (7¼" H) with simple and typically Japanese design. Underside of base is green enamel and unsigned. SOLD. (#B032)
Bowl (Chinese). Large cloisonné bowl, 12½"(W) x 4"(H). The side is decorated with colorful mythical birds, (banana?) leaves which extend from the base, and a blue Grecian-type key band on the top rim. Both the interior of the bowl and its base are green enamel and the latter is signed (see photos). Not sure of the exact date, but it looks like early 19th C. Excellent condition. SOLD. (#C158)
Set of 4 small cloisonné dishes (Chinese). These vintage cloisonné dishes would make wonderful, elegant coasters. Three of the four are signed CHINA on their enamel underside and all are ~3¾" in diameter. Condition is very good. $55. (#KR161)
Matching pair of small cloisonné dishes (Chinese). A matching pair of floral patterned cloisonné dishes with different background colors. One is marked CHINA in red enamel and the other is impressed China. These vintage cloisonné dishes are in very good condition and would make elegant coasters. Diameter: ~3¾". $30. (#KR160)

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