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Belleek teapot: LIMPET. 2nd green Mark (1955-1965). Wonderful cream colored teapot with a limpet at the base of its spout. The cob luster handle and trim, are not as yellow as they appear in this picture. Both the height (including lid) and the diameter are approximately 5½". $165. (#Z274)
m005t.jpg - 3272 Bytes Belleek Shamrock on basketweave teaset. Attractive Belleek teapot, sugar and creamer, all with the third gold mark and in excellent condition. The teapot is 10¼" (from handle to spout) and 5½" (H); the creamer is 4" (H) and sugar bowl is 2¼" (H). SOLD. (#M005 )
Copeland W.T. Copeland & Sons Ltd. teapot. A most unusual Esthetic Period teapot by Copeland and Sons, formerly Spode, Stoke-on-Trent, circa 1873. Each surface of this teapot has a different design. The front and back are decorated with colorful hand-painted birds amongst green and turquoise bamboo, the porcelain handle is bamboo-like in appearance and the decorative pewter lid has a chrysanthemum finial. Even the spout has a subtle turquoise dotted design on it! Height (to top of finial) is ~6¾"; length (handle to spout) is 10". Marked on base with a raised Copeland shield and the numbers D9963. SOLD. (#G111)
Crown Devon Crown Devon humidor. An iridescent bright blue humidor with metal (brass?) handle and a similar hand enameled ship at sea design on both front and back. The decorations are artist signed (D. Cole). The handle on top locks by a threaded finial, which keeps the lid in place and the jar air-tight. Crown Devon mark on its base, "Fieldings Made in England" and impressed 1336. Please disregard reflections on the photos. 5¼" (H); ~6½" (Diam.). SOLD. (#M077)
Royal Stanley Royal Stanley Ware vase. Royal Stanley Ware vase in their JACOBEAN design, made in England by Colclough & Co, circa 1919. This high-glaze Arts and Crafts vase is very similar in appearance to Moorcroft pottery, made at the same time. The hand-painted fruit pattern encircles the vase. The base is well marked ("Royal Stanley Ware [RS mark], C&Co, Jacobean, England"). 7" (H). SOLD. (#H112)
Royal Winton Royal Winton "Rose Brocade" chintz tea set. Three piece tea set consisting of a teapot and a stacking sugar and creamer in the green version of the Rose Brocade pattern, an iridescent lusterware chintz pattern. All three pieces are gilded on their edge, are in excellent condition, and are nicely marked. Height of teapot: ~3½"; length (spout to handle): ~ 6¼". SOLD. (#M123)
Staffordshire Staffordshire polychrome cake plate. The design on this 10" cake plate is called CHINESE PATTERN and was made by several different English potteries in the mid-to-late 1800s. This piece was made by Hope and Carter (circa 1862-1880), has their blue underglaze mark with the initials H&C, and also has an incised "C" and "070". This flow blue CHINESE PATTERN plate has a copper lustre border, and the deep blue transfer design is enhanced by red, green, and lustre flowers. The colors are quite strong and the lustre well-preserved. If interested, we have other pieces of CHINESE PATTERN for sale. SOLD. (#E008)
Stafforshire Staffordshire polychrome covered server. Large and elaborate flow blue CHINESE PATTERN covered server. Colors are very good (including the lustre) and the piece is stunning! Length: ~13½"; Height: ~6½". Both the inside and the outer sides of the bowl are decorated with the CHINESE PATTERN motif and the footed base has a nice gilded trim. The lid has an unusual handle and the bowl itself has interesting handles. Marked only with brown numbers "6369" on both the base and lid. Note: There may have been a very old restoration to one of the handles on the bowl (the white color looks a little yellow). More pictures available upon request. A hard to find and very attractive piece that has recently been reduced! $135. (#Z030)
Staffordshire Staffordshire polychrome food warmer. Attractive polychrome food warmer with a metal spout through which to add hot water. Plate, which has good color, has a diameter of 9½" and the warmer has a height of ~1¾". Condition is excellent. SOLD. (#B045)
Stafffordshire Staffordshire polychrome footed server. Attractive flow blue CHINESE PATTERN polychrome server (or compote). Top diameter is 9½" and its height is 4½". Made by Walker, Bates & Co." (1875-1878) in Staffordshire England and is impressed "77". Condition and color are very good; has fine crazing throughout but no glaze breaks. An old and unusual polychrome piece! SOLD. (#B041)
Staffordshire Early Staffordshire polychrome large pitcher. This flow blue CHINESE PATTERN pitcher has a copper lustre border, and the deep blue/green transfer design is enhanced by red, green, and lustre flowers. The colors are quite strong and the lustre well-preserved and the overall condition is excellent. The colors are actually stronger than appears on the photographs. Height is 7¾ inches and it has the number 1369 under the glaze. SOLD. (#L019)
Staffordshire Staffordshire polychrome plates. Several different size plates are available in CHINESE PATTERN by either Hope and Carter (ca. 1862-1880) or Gildea and Walker (1882). The colors are excellent on all plates and they range in size from 7" to 9". Please inquire. $30-$60. (#D174)
Staffordshire Staffordshire polychrome platter. The design of this large (16" x 12½") oval platter is called CHINESE PATTERN and was made by several different potteries in the mid-1800's. Unmarked on back except for the number "16210" (in green under the glaze). Minor lustre wear on border and the border is light. There is also some lustre wear from the central well of the piece. Has a couple of dark/rough spots on outer edge, but overall is in very good condition.$110. (#Z029) A larger (18") platter with some light staining (and a couple of very minor nicks on the edge) is also available. $125. (#D167).
Wilton Ware Wilton Ware bowl. Huge centerpiece bowl (3" height; 14" diameter). Gold mark (with rooster and crown) on base and signed "WILTON WARE, MADE IN ENGLAND, STOKE-ON-TRENT, REG. APPLIED FOR." Center of bowl has an oriental scene primarily with blue and green lustre outlined in gold. Side and base have a red lustre background with green and blue floral decorations outlined in gold. This type of ceramic, which is sometimes called "English cloisonné," is extremely attractive, but very hard to photograph adequately! SOLD. (#D139)

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