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We have a large and frequently changing inventory of Flow Blue items. Let us know by Email (kelly@rafa.com) or phone (352-336-RAFA) if we can help you find a specific pattern.

Aubrey AUBREY pitcher & wash bowl. Pitcher (13" H, 7" D), Bowl (16" D). Royal Doulton, England, circa 1902. Beautiful set in excellent condition with minor gilt wear on handle. SOLD. (#Z309)
Chusan CHUSAN well & tree platter. Large platter (20" x 15"), impressed "Wedgwood". Circa 1882. SOLD. (#D066)
Country Scenes COUNTRY SCENES serving bowl. 9" x 1". Scenic flow blue bowl, marked on underside "Country Scenes, England". Maker unknown, circa 1900. $95. (#M059)
Delft DELFT covered server. 11" (L) x 8" (W) x 6" (H with handle). Mintons, circa 1893. Has the blue underglaze mark with pattern name and is also incised "Mintons". $195. (#L148)
Delft DELFT soup bowl. 9". Has both the Mintons printed mark and the impressed name and registry mark. $75. (#Z249)
Del Monte DEL MONTE cup and saucer. Cup: 2" (H) x 3" (D); saucer: 6" (D). Johnson Brothers, circa 1900. $90/each set. (#Z388/M073) Several available.
Denstone DENSTONE platter. 16" x 11". Alfred Meaken Ltd., England, Royal Semi-Porcelain, circa 1891-1914. $85. (#C124)
Denton DENTON soup/cereal bowls. 6" x 1". W.H. Grindley, circa 1891. $20/each. (#G023)
Douglas DOUGLAS platter. 15" x 11". Ford & Sons, circa 1891. SOLD. (#Z482)
Douglas DOUGLAS gravy boat. 8"(L) x 4"(H). Ford & Sons, circa 1891. SOLD. (#Z013)
Florida FLORIDA plate. 10". W.H. Grindley, circa 1900. SOLD. (#K021)
Geronde GIRONDE butter pat. ~3". W.H. Grindley, circa 1891. $65. (#L151)
Hamilton HAMILTON flanged soup bowls. 9". J. Maddock & Sons, circa 1896. Some crazing. $20/each. (#Z115)
Hong Kong HONG KONG plate. 10". A 14-sided paneled plate by Charles Meigh, circa 1845. Marked "Hong Kong" and also impressed with "Improved Stone China". Has some glaze missing (discoloration and roughness) on edge. $80. (#M050)
m092t.jpg - 3010 Bytes IDRIS (THE OLYMPIC) round covered vegetable bowl. Diameter (with side handles): 10"; height (to top of lid handle): ~4". This gold-trimmed serving bowl has a blue clover design and on its underside has a blue Idris mark of W.H. Grindley. Circa 1910. Has a minor small rough spot on the edge of the lid. SOLD. (#M092)
Several other pieces available in this gold-trimmed pattern [see other listings for THE OLYMPIC (IDRIS), including dinner plates, bowls, covered butter dish, cups and saucers]. On some pieces, this pattern is indicated as "The Olympic" or "Idris" or has both names.
Italia ITALIA cup and saucer set. Cup: 2" (H) x 3" (D); saucer: 6" (D). W&E Corn, England, circa, 1891. Both pieces in excellent condition. The light areas visible on rim of cup and on saucer are reflections. $60. (#M069)
Ivanhoe IVANHOE plate. 10". "The Black Knight Exchanges Buffets With Friar Tuck". Impressed Wedgwood, circa 1901. SOLD. (#G104).
Koalin KAOLIN soup plate. 10". 12-paneled plate by Podmore Walker & Co., circa 1834-1859. Condition is excellent and it looks unused. Has a blue underglaze mark and an impressed mark ("StoneWare" PW & Co"). $80 m. (#M061)
Kyber KYBER bowl and undertray set. Wm Adams, circa 1891. This attractive large octagonal footed bowl has a diameter of 10" and height of 4". Its octagonal undertray is ~14" in length (including handles) and ~10" in width. The bowl has no inner lip and thus was not made to have a lid. A stunning, rare and hard to find set! SOLD. (#M097)
Kyber KYBER demitasse cup and saucer set. Diameter of saucer: ~ 4"; height of cup 2". William Adams, circa 1891. A few available. $90/set. (#M064)
La Belle LA BELLE pitcher. 5"(H) x 6" (spout to handle). Some crazing; gold is in excellent condition. Marked "LaBelle China" and made by Wheeling Pottery, circa 1893. SOLD. (#M002)
Lahore LAHORE plate. 9". Gently scalloped plate by WE Corn, circa 1900. Nice clean condition with some minor crazing on well. $80. (#M053)
Lawrence LAWRENCE tureen and underplate. Tureen: 8" (L) x 4" (H). Underplate: 9" x 7". W.H. Grindley. Some crazing on underplate. SOLD. (#K001)
Lotus LOTUS platter. 18"x 14". W.H. Grindley, circa 1891. This huge platter has both the blue "Lotus" mark and green "The Imperial" mark of Grindley on its underside. Small rim chip on underside not visible from front. $175. (#C015)
Lyndhurst LYNDHURST serving bowl. 10"x 2". W.H. Grindley, circa 1891. $100. (#M106). A similar 9" bowl is also available. SOLD. (#M105)
Madras MADRAS covered vegetable bowl. Royal Doulton circa 1891. A large covered vegetable bowl with gold-trimmed handles on the base and lid. Minor gold loss on edge of bowl, but otherwise in very good condition. Length (with handles): 12"; width: ~7". SOLD. (#N042)
Madras MADRAS double eggcup. 3" (H). Royal Doulton, circa 1891. Has a blue Royal Doulton Madras mark on the inner wall of the smaller well of the piece, which also has a couple of tiny pinprick sized roughness on its edge. SOLD. (#M137/N063)
Madras MADRAS plate. 9". Doulton, Burslem, circa 1891. $85. (#Z348)
Marguerite MARGUERITE covered round tureen. 11" (handle-to-handle); 9" (diameter of bowl); 6" (height to top of lid handle). A large gilded tureen with a deep bowl and lid with swirled shallow grooves radiating from the top handle. W.H. Grindley, circa 1891. SOLD. (#M108)
Melbourne MELBOURNE: We have a large selection of flow blue in the Melbourne pattern, which was made by W.H. Grindley, circa 1896. Most (but not all) of the pieces are gilded on their edge and are in excellent condition (unless indicated otherwise). For items currently available, see our MELBOURNE FLOW BLUE GALLERY.
Moyune MOYUNE soup bowls. 7". Ridgways, circa 1905. $15/each. (#C143)
Muriel MURIEL butterpat. 3". Dark blue with gold trim, made by Wedgwood and Co., England. $45 (#R063)
Normandy NORMANDY: We have a large selection of flow blue in the Normandy pattern, which was made by Johnson Brothers, circa 1900. Unless indicated otherwise, it is all in very good condition, with good color, no stains and the gilding is intact (although this is frequently not apparent on the photographs). For items currently available, see our NORMANDY FLOW BLUE GALLERY.
Onion ONION butterpat. ~3". Allertons, circa 1891. Pattern name and maker indicated on underside. Several available. $45. (#R023)
Oriental ORIENTAL large meat platter. 13". Ridgways, circa 1891. SOLD. (#J114)
Pansy PANSY large pitcher. 7" (H). Large flow blue water pitcher with overall pansy design, attractive gilded handle, and nicely gilded on all its edges. Warwick China Co. (Wheeling, West Virginia), circa 1898. SOLD. (#M074)
Shanghai SHANGHAI baroque platter. 13" (L); 9" (W); 2" (H). This baroque shaped platter (or bowl) is deeply scalloped and gilded on its edge. It depicts a Swiss scene, with a chalet, mountains and trees in the distance and has a fence and flowers in the foreground. Has some fine (unobjectionable) crazing. Nice piece of scenic flow blue. Marked: "T.R. & Co." (T. Rathbone & Co.), circa 1898. $95. (#D067)
Shanghai SHANGHAI compote. Top diameter: 10"; height: 4". Attractive compote by W.H. Grindley, circa 1891. Excellent condition. $185. (#M063)
St. Regis ST. REGIS pitcher. 6". New Wharf Pottery, England. SOLD. (#L145)
The Olympic (Idris) THE OLYMPIC (IDRIS) covered butter dish. 3" (height with cover on); ~7" (diameter of base plate). Hard to find gilded butter dish with a blue clover design. Has a green "The Olympic" mark of W.H. Grindley. Gold trim is intact and it appears mint with cover on. There are 2 very small nicks and some discoloration, where glaze has worn, on the inside edge of the cover . Looks worse in photo than it really is! $85. (#M091)
Several other pieces available in this pattern, including dinner plates, serving bowls and a round covered vegetable bowl.
The Olympic (Idris) THE OLYMPIC (IDRIS) cup and saucer. This gilded set has a blue clover design and has the green "The Olympic" mark of W.H. Grindley. $40. (#M088)
Several other pieces available in this pattern, including dinner plates, bowls, covered butter dish and covered vegetable bowl.
The Olympic (Idris) THE OLYMPIC (IDRIS) plate. 10". This gilded plate has a blue clover design and has both the green "The Olympic" mark of W.H. Grindley and "Idris" is marked in blue underglaze. $45. (#M093)
Several plates and other pieces available.
The Olympic (Idris) THE OLYMPIC (IDRIS) serving bowl. 9" x 2". This gilded bowl has a blue clover design and has both the green "The Olympic" mark of W.H. Grindley and "Idris" is marked in blue underglaze. $60. (#M090)
Several other pieces available in this pattern.
Tivoli TIVOLI cup and saucer. Diameter of cup: 3"; height of cup: 2"; diameter of saucer: ~6"; height of saucer:1". Scenic handleless cup and deep saucer made by Thomas Furnival & Son., circa 1845. Hard-to-find set in such good condition. Several available. $80. (#M066)
Tonquin TONQUIN plate. 7". A 12-paneled flow blue plate made in Tunstall, Staffordshire, England by Joseph Heath, circa 1850. Some crazing. SOLD. (#M058)
Touraine TOURAINE butter pat. ~3". Stanley Pottery, circa 1898. Several available in this pattern. Also see butter pats in other patterns (in second picture). $65/each. (#M037/M038)
Touraine TOURAINE berry bowls. Stanley Pottery, with Reg. No. 329815, circa 1898. $40/each. Other pieces also available in this pattern. (#Z451)
Touraine TOURAINE plates. 8". Stanley Pottery, circa 1898. $65/each. Other pieces also available in this pattern. (#Z336)
Touraine TOURAINE sugar bowl (covered). 8" (handle to handle) x 6" (base to top of lid) x 6" (depth). Stanley Pottery, circa 1898. SOLD. (#Z246)
Wedgwood TURKEY plate (Wedgwood). 10". Antique flow blue plate depicting a turkey in the field in the center of the plate and a different transfer pattern on its rim with several different animals, including rabbits, fish, deer, sheep, and even a child. A rare and unusual pattern with several marks on its underside: Wedgwood Eutruria, England (blue underglaze), WEDGWOOD (impressed), an impressed three letter date code AKR (circa 1860 or 1890) and some individual impressed letters (see photo). Several plates available. SOLD. (#M138)
Water Lily WATER LILY covered casserole. Fantastic covered dish in the WATER LILY pattern, made by F&R Pratt in England, circa 1840. This pattern is extremely attractive and hard to find and is identified in Norma Jean Hoener's book: "Flow Blue China: Additional patterns and new information". This is one of the most attractive flow blue serving pieces we have had and is in excellent condition. The handles are attractively gilded and the cover has two holes under the handle to let steam escape. Diameter: 11"; Height to top of handle: ~6". $195. (#D070)
Watteau WATTEAU pitcher. 6 " (H). New Wharf Pottery, circa 1891. $195. (#L179)
Watteau WATTEAU loving cup. Diameter (without handles) is ~3.75"; height is 3.5". A rare piece of Doulton flow blue with an early Doulton mark on its base. SOLD. (#N025)

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