Glass: Cut Glass & Other

Biscuit Jar. Cut glass biscuit jar with silver-plated lid and attractive finial. The lid is marked "HC&CoS" on the underside. Star-cut base. Height is 6" to top of lid. $125. (#Z267)
Bohemian Bohemian ruby intaglio cut vases. Pair of vintage Bohemian ruby-flashed intaglio cut glass vases depicting frolicking deer, hares and a forest scene. Each vase is highly decorated, including the base. Condition is excellent and identical pairs are hard to find. Etched on base: "Made in Czechoslovakia". Each vase is 9" (H), 3" (diameter at top). SOLD. (#KR057)
Cristalleries de St. Louis Cristalleries de St. Louis vase. Bohemian style translucent ruby overlay vase with oval cuts to the perimeter in an attractive pattern. A beautiful old and heavy crystal vase by Cristalleries de St. Louis, that comes with its original silver paper label (Saint-Louis Cristal de France) and is also acid etched on its base (Cristal St Louis France) . Height is ~7", diameter at top is 5" and the wall of the vase is ~" in thickness. Condition is excellent! $325. (#J007)
Cristalleries de St. Louis Cristalleries de St. Louis vase. Attractive translucent turquoise blue overlay vase with triangular cuts to the perimeter and other shaped facets from the waist down. An unusual piece of heavy, old St. Louis glass. Still has a clear "Cristal Saint Louis" label and is also acid etched on its base (Cristal St Louis France); minor chip near base. Height is ~7" and the diameter at top is 4". $250. (#J008)
Fostoria Fostoria "American" cake stand. Vintage square cake stand with center brandy cup and sawtooth edge. Made by the Fostoria Glass Company in Moundsville, West Virginia between 1937-1982. Excellent condition. Height is 7" and the top is 10" square. SOLD. (#M151)
Heisey Heisey glass serving platter in silver tray. This etched glass divided serving platter with a central well rests in an ornate silver holder. The glass has an etched floral decoration and has vertical stripes on its sides. Condition is good (no large chips, cracks or scratches), but it does have a couple of miniscule chips on its edge, where it makes contact with the tray. Has a Heisey mark (H in a diamond) in the middle of the center well. The silver tray has small ball feet, 2 handles and a raised and very ornate decoration of windmills, ships and people (see photo). It is marked on its underside (W.M.MTS., Holland Sil. Plate on Copper Ware). Minimal silver loss on the part of the tray that the glass rests on and is not visible when being used. Diameter of glass is 10"; silver tray is 12" (without handles). $115. (#KR071)
Nailsea Nailsea glassworks rolling pin (English). Antique glass rolling pin with a black ground and red, white and grey speckled design. Made at Nailsea glassworks in the 19th century from bottle glass that was rolled in different colors for decoration. Hard to find piece in generally good condition with some chips on one of its small ends. Hard to photograph! Length: ~13"; diameter: ~2". SOLD. (#ZL743)
Nailsea Nailsea glassworks rolling pin (English). Antique (19th century) glass rolling pin with red and blue splashes of color on clear glass. As was frequently done, one of the handles has an open pontil area through which a white internal lining is apparent. Length: ~14"; diameter: ~2". A hard to find piece of Nailsea glass. SOLD. (#ZL744)
Nappy, signed "Clark". American brilliant period cut glass nappy, 6" in diameter (without handle). Acid-etched in script "Clark" on inside of bowl. Along handle are three sets of paired facets. 95. (#Z332)
Tiebacks Pair of opalescent glass tiebacks. Large vintage drapery (curtain) tiebacks with metal stems. Diameter of each glass tieback is ~4 inches. SOLD. (#KR093)
Pitcher set Pitcher set, hand-painted. Vintage hand-painted and hand-blown pitcher and 3 matching glasses. Attractive northern scene on each piece, with white birch trees (with bird feeder) and mountains in the background. Rough pontil on base of pitcher and wavy old glass. Circa: early 20th century. Pitcher: ~9" (H); glasses: ~3" (H). Excellent condition. $95/set. (#Z154)
Punch bowl Punch bowl and stand. A small and extremely attractive cut glass punch bowl with matching cut glass stand. Both the bowl and stand are intricately cut and also have a cut floral design. The rim of the bowl has a distinct border with stars and nailpoint. The bowl was made from a heavy blank, has a sawtooth edge (in very good condition) and a diameter of 9". The height of the bowl and stand together is 9 inches. The stem of the bowl that inserts into the base has a small nick, which is not visible when the bowl is resting on this base. This unusual size small bowl and stand could be used as either a centerpiece or punch bowl. Note that the last picture is a view looking into the bowl from above. $295. (#Z304)
Sugar bowl and creamer, signed "Clark". Beautiful American Brilliant Period cut glass sugar and creamer in the "Strawberry" pattern , which is sometimes referred to as the "Heart" pattern.. All surfaces are intricately and deeply cut and both pieces have notched handles. The sugar bowl is signed (Clark) but its matching creamer is not. Creamer: 3" (H); Sugar bowl: ~2" (H), 4" (diameter without handles), 7" (with handles). Condition of set is excellent. $195. (#Z273).
Tiffin Tiffin glass, black amethyst "Poppy" vase. Black amethyst satin glass vase with raised poppy-like flowers. Looks purple when held up to the light! 5" (H). SOLD. (#M096)

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