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Matchbook holder 14K Gold matchbook holder (matchsafe or vesta). Elaborate vintage matchbook holder made of 14K gold, which has detailed engraving on both the top and bottom. Marked: "A.R.T. MFC, NY, 14K, Pat Jan12, 04". There is also a makers mark that I am unable to photograph. Condition is very good, with only some minor scratches on the non-engraved oval portion of the cover (which could be engraved). Inside is clean and in very good condition and the piece closes tightly. A real conversation piece! Length: 2", width: 1 5/8" and height: ~1 ". Total weight is 27.39 grams. SOLD. (#KR030)
Inkwell Brass Inkwell. Exquisitely detailed antique brass inkwell that is decorated with raised figures on all surfaces. Birds, cattails and other flowers are present both on the square base and around the body of the inkwell itself. The base rests on 4 ball feet and on the underside one sees that the ink holding compartment is screwed into the base. The hinged lid is very detailed and has a serpent finial on its top. Even the two handles are decorated at their base with shell-like designs. This is an old inkwell, quite heavy, and in excellent condition. $225. (#Z484)
Bookrack Bronze art nouveau "owl" sliding book rack. Antique bronze (or brass) expandable tubular book rack, depicting on each end a wise old owl surrounded by an art nouveau style design. This sliding book rack has two tubular telescoping brass rods. The rack is ~8" in length in its closed position and expands to a length of ~14". The two decorative cast ends of the rack are ~6" in width and 4" in height. The detail is excellent on the owl, including its feathers and also the pine cones are finely done. The backside of the end plates have a hammered appearance (see picture) and the number 9776. Definitely a vintage piece! $125. (#Z237)
Ivory portrait Painting on ivory of a lady. Fine portrait of a well dressed early 19th (?) century lady in a decorative, detailed and heavy metal (brass?) frame. Portrait is well done, artist signed (Sequin) and is in excellent condition. Visible image size is 2" x 3". $275. (#D002)
Ivory painting Painting on ivory of gentleman. Fine portrait of an early 19th (?) century gentleman in an attractive uniform with metals in a decorative, detailed and heavy metal (brass?) frame. Portrait is well done, artist signed (Pugh) and is in excellent condition. Visible image size is 2" x 3". SOLD. (#D003)
Porcelain pot lid, framed. Pot lid entitled "The room in which Shakspeare was born, 1564, Stratford on Avon;" richly colored and highly detailed; approx. 4" diameter (wooden frame is 5" diameter). This original old lid is depicted (on page 135, plate #227) in Ball's classic book on these lids. $150. (#C219)
Russian lacquer Russian lacquer box (Mstera). Hand-painted lacquer box, made in the village of Mstera, in the early 1970s. This artist-signed, rectangular box with a red interior depicts a Troika (three-horse chariot) raging through the snow and measures 5" x 2" x 1". SOLD. (#Z398)
Russian lacquer box (Palekh). Russian lacquer box depicting "Ivan and the Firebird". This box was made in the village of Palekh and is artist-signed, numbered ("N7218"), and dated ("1978"). The painting is highly detailed and exceptionally well executed. The hinged rectangular box is 6" x 4" x 1", has a red interior and, typical of boxes from Palekh, is also decorated near the base on all four sides (see pictures). $350. (#Z402)
Russian lacquer box (Palekh). Lovely Russian lacquer box with a highly detailed painting of a Russian fairytale(?). The painting is exquisite and the box is dated ("1979"), numbered ("12890"), and signed by its Palekh artist (see pictures). The cover of this box is not hinged to the base, which is painted with a floral design on all four sides. Overall dimensions are 4" x 3" x 1". SOLD. (#Z403)
Writing set Vintage writing set. Five-piece writing set that includes a pen, pencil, seal, letter opener and a sharp-edged tool in a vintage velvet-lined box. The pen has a 4 nib, the pencil is mechanical, but has no lead, and the seal has no initials on it. The entire set is made of metal that does not tarnish (chrome?). As is apparent in the photos, the crimson paper-covered box is not in the best condition. $125. (#G084)
Whist counter Whist counter with shibayama tabs. The wooden body (3" x 2") of the counter is decorated with a golden floral design, while the ivory tabs are inlaid with various mother-of-pearl insects and birds. Whist preceded the game of bridge and these counters were used to keep score in the late 19th C. $145. (#Z137)

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