Oriental Ceramics

Imari/Arita Japanese Imari charger, signed and dated (1840). Fantastic antique Imari/Arita charger that has a blue underglaze decoration on all surfaces. Diameter is 16" and it has a slightly (~") raised foot on its underside. This small foot also has two thin blue lines circumscribing it and there is a third line on the underside of the rim (which is just barely visible in the photos). The area, where each of the green spokes radiating from the central medallion meets the rim, is slightly indented (and hard to describe). Artist-signed on the underside and in excellent condition. Has a certificate of authenticity from the gallery in Japan (Yamanaka and Co., Ltd.) where it was purchased. The signed certificate says: "Antique: Japanese Imari porcelain large plate with conventional flower design in blue glaze. Artist: unknown; Date: 1840". An impressive piece! SOLD. (#C259)
Nippon Nippon Egyptian candlesticks. Pair of vintage triangular candlesticks which are decorated on all sides and depict palms, pyramids and the Nile. The palm trees are nicely outlined in gold and there is gold beading along both the bottom and top edge of each candlestick. These scenic Egyptian style candlesticks are hard to find! Height: ~8". SOLD. (#Z512)
Nippon Nippon compote. Unusual and attractive compote decorated with stylized 5-petalled blue flowers trimmed in gold. Note that both the base and outer surface of the bowl are also decorated. "Hand painted Nippon" encircles the old green wreath mark on the base. 5"(H) X 7"(D). SOLD. (#D143)
Pair of Chinese porcelain hat stands (vases). Attractive Ching dynasty Chinese porcelain hat (or cap) stands that were also used as vases. Each is decorated in famille rose enamels, and is 11" in height and 5" in diameter. $250/pair. (#Z511)
Satsuma Japanese Satsuma 5-lobed bowl. Lovely vintage Satsuma footed bowl completely covered with a thousand flower design. Has a thin band on its rim with a deep red and gold diaper design. Signed on its base and in excellent condition. Diameter: 5"; height: ~2". $135. (#B133)
Satsuma Satsuma (set of 4 cups and saucers). Hand-painted Kyoto satsuma earthenware cups and saucers decorated with Samurai warriors primarily in black, gold and rust; cups have relief dragon handles. Both the cups and saucer are highly detailed and all pieces are well marked. Diameter of cups (without handles): ~3", diameter of saucers: 5". Circa late 19th-early 20th century. $200/set. (#G085).

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