Royal Copenhagen Figurine Gallery

Royal Copenhagen: Faun with goat figurine (#498). This vintage figurine of a faun with a playful goat was designed by Christian Thomsen, whose initials are found next to the faunís left hand on the light green base. The condition is excellent and the mark on its underside dates it to 1957. Height: 5"; diameter of base: 4ľ". SOLD. (#HT048)
Royal Copenhagen: Large Pointer puppy figurine (#1452/259). This vintage figurine of a large grey and white pointer puppy was designed by Eric Nielson. It is in excellent condition and the mark on its underside dates it to1947. Height: ~ 8". SOLD. (#HT047)
Royal Copenhagen: Redwing figurine (#1235) This European redwing bird, which looks similar to an American robin, was designed by Jais Nielsen, whose initials (JN) are found on the base beneath the tail of the bird. This beautiful bird stands on a pale green base amidst a cluster of grapes. The mark on its base indicates the figurine was made in 1957. Condition is excellent, except for a small linear chip on the underside of the birdís bill, which is not visible in this photograph. Thus, the price is reduced. Height: 5Ĺ"; length: 8". SOLD. (#HT051)
Royal Copenhagen: Tern figurine (#827). A vintage resting tern, designed by Christian Thomsen in 1907, which is in excellent condition. The mark on its underside indicates it was made in 1966. Length: 10 ľ"; height: 3 ĺ". SOLD. (#HT052)

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