John Deacons Paperweight Gallery

J Glass "J" Glass: Bloom in May paperweight. Attractive "Bloom in May" flower on a translucent cobalt ground. Signature and date cane ("J 1979") at the base of the green stem. LE (101). Diameter: 2¼". $165. (#ZL209/597)
J Glass "J" Glass: Pair of blue clematis flowers paperweight. Delicate and detailed blue lampwork flowers on a translucent purple ground. Has a signature/date cane ("J 1979") and was made by John Deacons. LE (101). Diameter: 2¼". SOLD. (#P133/ZL601)
J Glass "J" Glass: Garland paperweight. Entwined red and blue trefoil millefiori garlands surround a larger central millefiori cane and rest on a tightly packed latticino ground. Signature and date cane ("J 1980") . LE (101). Diameter: 2¼". SOLD. (#ZL603)
J Glass "J" Glass: Crown paperweight. Crown paperweight with tri-colored twist canes alternating with white latticino ribbons. Has signature/date cane (J/1981) and was made by John Deacons. LE (101). Diameter: 2½". SOLD. (#P135)
Deacons John Deacons: Floral double overlay paperweight. Two delicate lampwork flowers lie on a latticino ground. The single top facet is bordered by a serrated white and green double overlay and the base is also bordered by the serrated overlay. Three rows of 8 facets each are present on the sides. Signature/date cane (JD/2001). Diameter: 3¼". SOLD. (#H041)
Deacons John Deacons: Blue butterfly and millefiori garland paperweight. A rich blue butterfly with green aventurine body is surrounded by a millefioiri garland, containing delicate pansy and other canes, all resting on a cushion of upset muslin. Signature (JD)/ date (2006) cane. Made exclusively for L.H. Selman Ltd. Diameter: 2 ". SOLD. (#Q071)
Deacons John Deacons: Pansy and floral garland paperweight. A brightly colored pansy surrounded by a millefiori garland of delicate pansy canes and other floral canes, rests on a cushion of upset muslin. Signature/date (2006) cane. Diameter: ~ 3". SOLD. (#R037)
Deacons John Deacons: Butterfly and pansy paperweight. A butterfly, with pale blue wings trimmed in black, white and green (aventurine) and a deep red aventurine body, overlies a white latticino basket and torsade that has six delicate purple, blue and white pansy canes. Has a “JD” signature cane and also a paper label (visible in the photo as a white circle beneath the butterfly). Diameter: 3". $450. (#R038)
Deacons John Deacons: millefiori paperweight. A large 5+1 faceted millefiori paperweight with five delicate animal silhouette canes separated by groups of tightly packed complex canes and spokes of pink striped ribbon canes, all on a white latticino ground. Signature/date (2002) cane. Diameter: 3¼". SOLD. (#ZL749)
Deacons John Deacons: Clematis wreath paperweight. A colorful wreath of clematis flowers rests on a clear (not white) glass base. Has a "JD" signature cane on the underside of the yellow flower. Diameter: 2½". SOLD. (#P081)
Deacons John Deacons: Dahlia paperweight. Attractive blue and white dahlia surrounded by green leaves rests within a clear (not white) glass paperweight. Has a "JD" signature cane. Diameter: 2½". SOLD. (#P083)
Deacons John Deacons: concentric millefiori paperweight. Lovely concentric millefiori paperweight with 4 rows of fine pastel colored canes on a rich translucent blue ground. Has his typical central thistle cane and a paper label. Diameter: ~2". $90. (#P092)
Deacons John Deacons concentric millefiori paperweight. A large concentric millefiori paperweight with 11 radial twist canes dividing groups of canes that radiate from a central complex thistle cane. This design is set on a translucent pink/red ground and was made in Scotland. Has paper John Deacons label (which is somewhat visible in the photograph). Diameter: ~ 2". SOLD. (#P087)

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