Enigmatic and short-lived late 19th C painter of still lifes. The few paintings of George Forster are highly valued today. Our current offering is not without some problems, however: the artist's board is somewhat bowed and shows wrinkling due to water damage in the UR corner, frame abrasion in the LR corner, and some evidence of inpainting (see lemon in central detail).

97awforster-frnt.jpg - 46249 Bytes


97awforster-back.jpg - 22175 Bytes

Signature LL:

97awforster-sig.jpg - 33622 Bytes

Central detail:

97awforster-dtl.jpg - 30583 Bytes

Detail indicating UR wrinkling of artist's board:

97awforster-UR.jpg - 29702 Bytes

Detail showing frame abrasion in LR:

97awforster-LR.jpg - 23149 Bytes

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