Paintings done with oil, acrylic, or tempera (A-J)

European School Anonymous (European School). Genre scene of a young maiden watering cows: Oil on concave circular board (16" diameter) encased in a period frame measuring 28½" square (O.D.). Ca. late 19th C. SOLD. (#A1AW)
Banchi Giorgio Banchi (1789-1853; Italian). Shared news: Oil on canvas (15¾" x 10¼"). Signed LL; elaborate old gilt frame. SOLD. (#C251)
Barnes James Barnes (d. 1901; British). Trout fishing in the Lake District: Oil on canvas (17¾" x 27¾"). Signed LL. "Gate Crags O. Village of Grange Borrowdale Cumb, With The river Derwent Derwentwater Keswick. Autumn day" is written on the back of the upper stretcher in heavy pencil. SOLD. (#A1AX)
Berkes Antal Berkes (1874-1938; Hungarian). Budapest street scene: Oil on artist board (16" x 20"). Signed LR. $1,950. (#A5AB)
Bonás Jordi Bonás (b. 1937; French). Blue nude: oil on canvas (21½" x 17¾"). Signed LL. SOLD. (#97AM)
Chase Susan Miller Chase (20th C.; USA). Children at the beach: oil on board (8" x 10"). Signed LL. SOLD. (#A5BH)
Clawson Rex Clawson (b. 1929; Dallas, Texas/New York City). Allegory: oil on board (12" x 16"). Signed LL. SOLD. (#A4AG)
Coffin William (Bill) Haskell Coffin (1878-1941; New York City). Lakeside reverie: oil on canvas (24" x 18"). Signed LR. SOLD. (#C071)
Coleman Michael Coleman (b. 1946; Provo, Utah). Tiger cub: oil on board (24" x 18"). Signed LR; titled and dated ("1977") verso. $2,500. (#C268)
c103t.jpg - 2365 Bytes Maurice Compris (1885-1939; Rockport, Massachusetts). Matriarch: oil on canvas (30" x 24"). Signed and dated ("30") UL. SOLD. (#C103)
Doussot Georges Doussot (20th C.; French). Children's games: oil on board (13¾" x 9½"). Signed and dated ("67") UR. SOLD. (#97AL)
Drury Lella Donnell Drury (1855-1959; Los Angeles, California). Mountain village: oil on board (28" x 22"). Signed LR. $450. (#97BN)
Ernst Emil Ernst (20th C.; American). Nude with red cello: Oil on canvas (10" x 8"). Signed LR. SOLD. (#98EQ)
Fechenbach R. Fechenbach (19th C.; Dutch). Dutch girl: Oil on canvas (10" x 8"). Signed UR. SOLD. (#C121)
Fisher D. A. Fisher (1887-1940; Portland, Maine). Rural road in Maine: Oil on canvas (16" x 20"). Signed LR. SOLD. (#A5BI)
Forster George E. Forster (1860-1890; American). Still life: fruit and wine: Oil on board (19" x 25"). Signed LL. Inquire. (#97AW)
Fredericks Ernest T. Fredericks (Frederick Swedlum) (1877-1927; Chicago, Illinois & Eureka Springs, Arkansas). Winter day in Arkansas: oil on canvas (24" x 30"); ca. 1920. Signed LR. $1,200. (#A4AH)
Gerard Allee Whittenberger Gerard (b. 1895; Warsaw, Indiana). Great Lakes' shore with terns: oil on canvas (20" x 24"); ca. 1950. Signed LR. $475. (#A4AN)
Hambüchen George Hambüchen (1901-1971; German). Harbor scene: oil on canvas (17" x 22"). Signed LR. SOLD. (#C088)
Horn Peggy Dowdell Horn (20th C; Yardly, Pennsylvania). "Queen Anne's Lace": oil on canvas (18" x 24") with beautiful walnut frame; ca. 1960s. Signed LL. $350. (#A1AN) Note: A second painting by this artist, entitled "Dream Bouquet", is also available. Plain frame, 24" x 20", signed UR. $295. (#A1AO)
Jernberg Olof A. A. Jernberg (1855-1935; Germany). Shepherd in the woods: oil on artist board (26¼" x 22¾"). Signed LR. SOLD. (#A5BQ)
c270t2.jpg - 4623 Bytes Jean Jourdain (Dorothy Jean Foote Jordan) (b. 1912; Altadena, California). "Canyon oak": oil on canvas (24" x 30"). Signed LL; also signed, titled, and dated ("3/15/73") verso. SOLD. (#C270)

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