Mr. Yamaguchi was born in Kyoto 1889. His father was a well-known Noh performer. Mr. Yamaguchi learned to be a Noh performer from his father and the Okura school. He mastered all the technique and espteric secrets of the Noh play. On the other hand, he showed his talent at painting when he was a little boy. He learned painting from Mr. Taniguchi, who was a famous historical painter, and was successful in this field. The majority of his pictures were of Noh plays. His pictures were oftewn selected in art contests which were held under the auspices of the ducational Bureau. He happened to know Dr. Hall, an American who was famous for studying Noh plays. He painted more than 100 pictures for Dr. Hall. We present his masterpieces through wood-block prints in a successive series. We hopew these Noh pictures will be of some help to th

In view of increasing interest for the internationally well-known Kabuki after the war, I have published the Kabuki pictures by Mr. Gekko Ohashi who is quite worthy of great commendation for his mature touch of the brush." --Booklet Introduction by Shinagawa Kiyoomi, Director of Kyoto Hanga-In (1954).

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Each print depicts a scene from six different Kabuki plays: Shinju Ten-no-Amijima; Shibaraku; Michiyuki Tabiji no Hanamuko; Kanjincho; Meiboku Sendai Hagi; and Sukeroku, respectively. The set is enclosed in a hardcover folio together with an explanatory booklet.

The six woodblock prints:

a0bxaohashi1-6.jpg - 99393 Bytes

Detail (#2) and seal (#5):

a0bxa2dtl5sigcmb.jpg - 32972 Bytes

Folio cover and Booklet::

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