Japanese Woodblock Prints:
Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Notes: Names are listed here in the Japanese manner with the family name preceding the given name; capital letters are used for the single name generally cited and listings are alphabetized according to the latter; alternate names are in parentheses. Italics indicate Japanese or translations of Japanese characters. Print measurements refer to image area only. All woodblock prints are unmatted and unframed unless indicated otherwise.

Bairei BAIREI Kono (1844-1895). Lapwings (Tageri) and lilies from "Bairei Hyakucho Gafu" (Bairei's Album of 100 Birds); oban tate-e (13½" x 8¾"). "Bairei" seal UL; published by Okura Magohei in 1891. Condition: very good; very slight toning throughout; full borders with binding holes in left margin. SOLD. (#A0DQ)
Chikanobu Toyohara CHIKANOBU (1838-1912). See Chikanobu gallery:
•Anju and Zushio (#A0CJ)
•Seven Gods of Good Fortune (#A0DE)
•Famous Women in Japan (#99BV)
•Noble Ladies from the Chiyoda Palace (#A0BJ)
•The Keio Period (#LS31)
•True Beauty (#A0EE)
Chikashige Ichikawa CHIKASHIGE (fl. 2nd half 19th C.). The actor Onoe Kikugoro; oban tate-e (14" x 9¼"). Signed "Ichikawa Chikashige hitsu" with Toshidama seal; published by Fukuda Kamajiro, ca. 1870s/early 1880s. Condition: very good; very slight toning throughout; full borders. SOLD. (#99AN)
Ginko GINKO Adachi (fl. 1874-1897). Obako Chochin from the "Great Edo" series; oban tate-e (14" x 9¼"), dated 1897. Condition: fair to good with moderate toning and several light spots at bottom; borders variably trimmed as shown; backed by rice paper. SOLD. (#A0CH)
Hiroshige III Utagawa HIROSHIGE III (1843-1894). See Hiroshige III Gallery:
Six prints from the series "Thirty-six Views of Tokyo."
Keinen Imao KEINEN (1845-1924). See Keinen Gallery:
•Buntings (Aoji) and plum tree (#99CM)
•Himalayan cuckoo (Tsutsudori) in fern tree (#A0CQ)
•Common cuckoo (Kakko) and rhododendron (#A0AV)
•Wrens (Misosazai) and twinberries (#A0DV)
•Bunting (Hoaki) and morning glory (#A0EH)
Keishu Takeuchi KEISHU (1861-1942). Meiji couple with bamboo; aiban yoko-e (8¾" x 12"); kuchi-e (frontispiece print) , ca. 1900. "Keishu" seal LL. Condition: fair; small top margin, but others absent; small wrinkling throughout; excellent printing technique with very fine carving of neck hairs, robe and bamboo details, etc. $175. (#A0FN)
Kogyo Tsukioka KOGYO (1869-1927). The coutesan Giou meeting with her imprisoned father from "Ro Giou (No Theatre series)"; oban yoko-e (8¾" x12¾"). Signed ("Kogyo"); published by Matsuke Heikichi in 1902. Condition: good; slight toning throughout, but especially in right margin; full borders; kimonos embellished with metallic silver. $200. (#A0FLb)
Kunisada Toyohara KUNICHIKA (1835-1900). See Kunichika Gallery:
Seven actor prints available, dating from 1871, 1873, 1877, 1893, 1894 (2), and 1898.
Shuntei Miyagawa SHUNTEI (1873-1914). Geisha contemplating koi; oban tate-e (12½" x 8¼"). Signed "Shuntei sha"; published in 1897. Condition: good; minor foxing; no folds or tears; good color; full margins; laid down and framed. SOLD. (#A1BA)
Sobun Morikawa SOBUN (1847-1902). "Tsuga oji ame (Rain in the hemlock forest)"; chuban yoko-e (8" x 10¾"). Signed "Sobun" with "Sa" seal LL.; impressed title in bottom margin; ca. 1890s. Condition of print: very good; full margins. SOLD. (#A0CV)
Yoshiiku Utagawa YOSHIIKU (1833-1904). Scene from the series "36 Restaurants"; oban tate-e (13¼" x 8¾"). Signed "Chokaro Yoshiiku ga"; published by Tsutakichi; ca. 1870s. Condition of print: very good; colors still fresh and strong; very small pinhole(ca 1 mm) on right side; attached to presentation folder by UR corner. $275. (#99AI)
Yoshitaki Nakai (Utagawa) YOSHITAKI (1841-1899). "Miyamoto Musashi". Framed (14½" x 19½") and attractively double matted; diptych (with central vertical seam) of two chuban yoko-e (total visible area: 8¾" x 13½"). Both parts signed "Yoshitaki ga," ca. 1890. Condition of print: overall good with scattered slight creasing; small worn area LL in left image; print not examined out of frame. SOLD. (#A0FD)
Yoshitoshi Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892). The father returns from military duty from "Kyokun Zen-aku Zukai (Pictoral Explanations of the Teachings of Good and Evil)"; chuban yoko-e (6½" x 8¼"). Signed by Yoshitoshi LR; ca. 1880. Condition of print: good to very good; vivid colors; full margins; slight toning; small scratch in UR background wall; white tape across top margin, not touching image. $195. (#A0CO)

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