"B. in Gifu prefecture. Son of the watercolor painter Fanasaka Masayoshi. Grad. 1962 from painting division of Tama College of Fine Arts. Began making woodblock prints about 1966. In 1976-1977 studied in England and the U.S. under a Japanese government fellowship. Member of Nihon Hanga Kyokai from 1969 and Shun'yokai. Exhibited at international print biennales at Pistoia, Ljubljiana, Bradford, Grenchen, Frechen, and elsewhere as well as Tokyo. Early prints were made with linoleum blocks; later woodblocks were combined with silkscreen. From 1957 until mid-1970s he consistently included the shape of a lemon in his imagery. After abandoning the lemon he combined small brightly colored shapes, printed with woodblocks, onto large areas of silkscreened color." --'Guide to Modern Japanese Prints: 1900-1975' by H. Merritt and N. Yamada


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