Japanese Woodblock Prints:

Notes: Names are listed here in the Japanese manner with the family name preceding the given name; capital letters are used for the single name generally cited and listings are alphabetized according to the latter; alternate names are in parentheses. Italics indicate Japanese or translations of Japanese characters. Print measurements refer to image area only. All woodblock prints are unmatted and unframed unless indicated otherwise.

Azechi AZECHI Utemaro (b. 1902). "Yarigatake"; oban tate-e (16" x 11¾"). Red stylized U seal LR; pencil-dated ("52") and signed ("U. Azechi") in LL margin; pencil-titled in Japanese on backside of right margin; from the original edition of 50. Condition: fair to good; margins intact but with some tape residue; slight toning; fleck of pigment missing above signature. SOLD. (#A1BC)
Fujita FUJITA Fumio (b. 1933). See Fujita Gallery:
• Country lake (#A0CI)
• Mulberry trees (#A0DF)
• Grove and horse (#A0DO)
Funasaka FUNASAKA Yoshisuke (b. 1939). "828"; kukuban (10¼" x 9¾"). Woodblock figures on serigraph background. Signed and dated "F. Funasaka 1983," titled "828," and numbered ("75/100") across the bottom in pencil. Condition: excellent; full borders, attached to white matte (17¾" x 17¾") at the corners with archival tape. SOLD. (#A0DC)
Gihachiro Okuyama GIHACHIRO (1907-1981). "Denchi (Paddy Field)"; nagaoban yoko-e (8¼" x 18"). "Gi" seal in LL image; pencil titled in UR margin; signed ("Gihachiro Okuyama" ) with description in LR margins. Condition: very good; full borders; carefully laid down on white cardboard; two printer's ink stains in LL corner margin and lower margin to the left of signature. SOLD. (#A0CR)
Hashimoto HASHIMOTO Okiie (1899-1993). "Stone Garden No. 21"; double oban tate-e (21" x 16¾"). "Hashi" seal in LR image; pencil titled, numbered ("20/70"), signed, and dated ("1962") across bottom. Framed and matted; condition: excellent. $950. (#A5BG)
a2ast.jpg - 2918 Bytes Kiyohara HITOSHI (1896-1956). Four children cooking; oban yoko-e (9½" x 15¼"). Signed with Hitoshi seal LR. Published by Kato Junji in late 1940s. Condition: good; full border at bottom and partially trimmed on other three sides. $225. (#A2AS)
Ikeda IKEDA Shuzo (b. 1922). Child with hat from the series "Children"; oban tate-e (15¼" x 10¾"). Signed "Shu. Ikeda," dated "1970" and numbered "3/100." Condition: Excellent; full borders with crinkling on edge of upper left border. SOLD. (#A0BR)
Inagaki INAGAKI Toshijiro (Nenjiro) (1902-1963). Pagoda streetscene; dai oban tate-e (16½" x 12¼"). Signed "Toshijiro" with Jiro seal and numbered "239/300". Condition: Excellent; full borders; small paper residue top center verso. SOLD. (#A0BQ)
Iwami IWAMI Reika (b. 1927). "Conversation on water" (in Japanese); image size: 23" x 17½" (O.D. = 30½" x 23¾"). Numbered ("17/50"), titled, signed and dated ("74") across the bottom. Condition: Excellent; white area embossed to simulate waves; gold leaf applique; attractively framed by Kato in Tokyo. $950. (#A4BU)
Kaneko KANEKO Kunio (b. 1949). "Blue Morning"; image size: 5¾" x 5¾". Titled, numbered ("151/200"), and signed with date ("2000") across the bottom. Condition: Excellent; full borders; never framed. SOLD. (#A4AO)
Kawano KAWANO Kaoru (1916-1965). See Kawano Gallery:
•Quiet Couple (#A0FS)
•Gentle Breeze (#99BO)
•Two Girls (#99CH)
•Yellow Canary (#A0AK)
•Girl with Doves (#A0BM)
•Black Gloves (#A0BS)
•Woodpeckers (#A0BO)
•Love Birds (#A0DY)
•Kokeshi Doll (#A0BN)
•Red Kimono (#A0BF)
•Japanese Crane (Tancho) (#99BK)
Keizaburo Tejima KEIZABURO (b. 1935). "Tairyo (Big Catch of Fish)"; koban yoko-e (4" x 5¾"). Numbered ("2/50"), titled and pencil-signed ("Keisaburo") across the bottom. Ca. 1970s. Condition: excellent; large margins; no sign of any prior mounts. $95. (#A0CP)
Kiyoharu Sone KIYOHARU (b. 1945). "Kabuki Theater"; oban yoko-e (9¾" x 13¾"). Numbered ("98/250") and pencil-signed ("Kiyoharu Sone") across the bottom. Condition: very good; ink stains in lower margin; some wrinkling of left and right margins; image intact and vivid. SOLD. (#A0CM)
Murakami MURAKAMI Gyojin (fl. mid 20th C). Mother and child; dai oban tata-e (17½" x 10½"). Dated ("1968"), signed, titled, and numbered ("100/100") across the bottom. Condition: very good to excellent; residual tape attached to upper corner margins, otherwise margins and print intact and in excellent condition. SOLD. (#99BT)
Nakayama NAKAYAMA Tadashi (b. 1927). Girl in the Wind; chuban yoko-e (7¾" x 9½"). Dated ("1956") and signed across the bottom. Matted and framed (O.D. = 15¾ x 19¾"); a rare surviving example of Nakayama's first published woodblock print. Condition: good to very good; minor toning throughout, otherwise print intact and in very good condition with full margins.$950. (#A6AC)
Nishijima NISHIJIMA Katsuyuki (b. 1945). See Nishijima Gallery:
•Ochiai Station (#A0DR)
•Kyohoriya (#A0EC)
•Yubahan (#A0EL)
•Lake Biwa (#A0EM)
•Kusatsu (#A0EN)
•Ippodo (#A0EO)
•Sunset sky (#A0FP)
Nozaki NOZAKI Shinjiro (b. 1923). Untitled; Abstract SILKSCREEN image measures 5¾" x 3" on 9¼" x 7" paper, mounted across the top within a 12½" x 8¾" presentation folio. Numbered ("38/130"), dated ("'73-2"), and signed in pencil across the bottom. Condition: excellent. $110. (#A0DI)
Omoto OMOTO Yasushi (b. 1926). Wintry road; chuban yoko-e (7¼" x 9½"). Artist's proof titled in left margin; signed and dated ("Yasusho Ohmoto '76") LR. Condition: excellent. SOLD. (#A0EX)
Takagi TAKAGI Shiro (b. 1934). Hair Bird; oban tate-e (9¾" x 15¼"). Numbered ("32/100"), titled, dated ("1972"), and signed "S. Takagi" in pencil across the bottom. Condition: very good; minor bleeding of vegetable dyes (typically not considered a flaw); full margins. $325. (#A0ES)

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