All paperweights are in excellent condition unless indicated otherwise in the description.

Melissa Ayotte Melissa Ayotte: Jonquil and blueberries bouquet paperweight. A yellow and white jonquil is surrounded by light pink flowers, blueberries, and green leaves, on a clear ground. Has signature cane and is signed and dated. Limited edition of 25, made exclusively for L. H. Selman Ltd. Diameter: ~ 2 ¼". SOLD. (#T013)
Ayotte Rick Ayotte 1991: Red poppy bouquet paperweight. Three large red poppies are surrounded by delicate yellow flowers, blue and white flowers, and stems in various shades of green on a clear ground. Signed/dated and made in a limited edition of 50. Diameter: 3". $2400. (#S027)
Ayotte Rick Ayotte 1993: Spring bouquet paperweight. This lovely spring bouquet on clear glass has a rich blue with yellow striped iris, yellow, white, pink and purple crocuses as well as various colored clematises. Signed/dated and made in a limited edition of 50. Diameter: 3 11/16". $1950. (#S028)
Baccarat Gridel Baccarat: Gridel series paperweights. Baccarat made a series of 18 limited edition paperweights from 1971-1979 called the Gridel Series. All of these paperweights have a large central Gridel silhouette cane, primarily depicting various animals, and these were similar to the antique Gridel silhouette canes found in many of their antique paperweights. Each paperweight in this modern series contains a complete set of the 18 silhouette canes. They all have a large central silhouette cane with smaller versions of the other Gridel canes found within their designs. The first two paperweights in the series, the rooster and the squirrel, have miniature versions of all eighteen silhouette canes surrounding a central Gridel cane and were each made in a limited edition of 1200. The others in this series, have small versions of only the seventeen other silhouette canes surrounding the large central one and were made in a smaller limited edition of less than 350. These paperweights were made in France, are hard to find and are quite collectible. All 18 of these paperweights can be found in our BACCARAT GRIDEL PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Banford Ray Banford cherry paperweight. Attractive paperweight with 3 red cherries on green stems and leaves, resting on copper colored aventurine and has a small gold butterfly and signature cane. SOLD. (#P124)
Barber Robert Barber: Magnum paperweight. Attractive mauve-colored magnum paperweight (or doorstop) that is signed near the base ("Robert Barber 744 B18"). Although not dated, it was probably made in the 1970s. The piece has mauve pulled glass around 8 large free floating, spaced bubbles and the entire piece is encased in thick clear glass. Robert Barber was an artist at Fenton Glass prior to having his own glass studio. In recognition of him, Fenton named one of their lines of artglass vases the "Rober Barber Collection". Height ~5". $145. (#ZL640)
Buzzini Chris Buzzini paperweights. Both early (made at Bridgeton Studio) and contemporary paperweights made by Chris Buzzini are found in this gallery. See our CHRIS BUZZINI PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Caithness Glass Caithness Glass. Caithness Glass began in Wick, Scotland in 1961 but it was not until 1969 that they started producing paperweights. Through the years, their artisans have developed a distinctive style with contemporary free-form designs with innovative uses of color. See our CAITHNESS GLASS PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Deacons John Deacons paperweights. John Deacons started his own glass studio in Crieff, Scotland in 1979 under the name of J Glass. He made classic style paperweights in limited editions of no more than 101, but the company closed in 1983. Since 1990, he has been making a variety of different style paperweights, which are usually signed with a JD cane. See our JOHN DEACONS PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Fote Andrew Fote: The Seeker paperweight. This clear glass-encased heart-shaped paperweight has a mottled purple and white interior and a copper human figure, with green patina, engraved on its surface. Artist signed. Note: this is not a flat paperweight. The top of the heart has a height of 1 ¾" and the pointed end of the heart has a height of ¾". Width is 2¼". $75. (#P022)
French artglass French artglass paperweight "1968". Large and very heavy lead crystal paperweight with 5+1 facetting. The central region of the base is frosted glass with the date 1968 centrally placed. The paperweight still has a gold paper label ("Cristalleries Lemberg Lorraine"). A fine piece of French art glass that would be a perfect gift for someone born in 1968 or marrried in that year. Any color in the photos are only light reflections and not abnormalities in this clear glass paperweight. Diameter: ~4¼"; Height: 3". $75. (#ZL668)
Grubb Randall Grubb 1990: Floral bouquet paperweight. Three pairs of dark pink flowers surround a central trio of elongate, deep blue clustered blooms and a balanced placement of three purple flowers. Signed, dated, and signature cane. Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#ZL811)
Grubb Randall Grubb 1990: Floral bouquet paperweight. A central trio of blue flowers is surrounded by several green leaves, stems with yellow flowers and carefully placed deep blue flowers with yellow stamens. Signed, dated and signature cane. Diameter: ~3". $1,200. (#ZL812)
Grubb Randall Grubb 1990: Floral bouquet paperweight. A nosegay of four blue flowers is surrounded by elongate sprigs of white flowers and four beautiful deep red blooms. Attractive colors and arrangement of flowers! Signed, dated and signature cane. Diameter: ~3". $1,200. (#ZL813)
Kraft Carl Kraft paperweights. Carl Kraft was a little known American glass artist whose paperweights are quite diverse in style, rather limited in number and a real find for the paperweight collector. He made a variety of different types of paperweights during the late 1960s and 1970s, including millefiori and lampwork design pieces, crimped flowers, sulphides, etc.; in all these works, a constant and outstanding feature is the exceptional clarity of the glass he used. Very few of his paperweights are still in existence and all those in our Kraft Gallery were purchased from his estate. For more about Carl Kraft and his paperweights, visit the CARL KRAFT PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY; for art glass currently available, see Carl Kraft Art Glass Gallery listed under Art Glass.
Lalique Lalique paperweight with stylized black mask. Unusual paperweight depicting a black glass satyr mask on a crisp clear glass base, which has a curved trapezoidal shape: 4½" x ~3½" x 2¼". Engraved signature (Lalique with R in a circle and France). SOLD. (#ZL776)
Lotton David Lotton 1978: Floral paperweight. Early David Lotton surface design paperweight with several hollyhock (?) blossoms with rich cobalt heart-shaped leaves and stems on a translucent satin glass ground. Signed David Lotton, 1978. Diameter: 2¾". SOLD. (#P136)
Lundberg Lundberg Studios in Davenport, California was started by the late James Lundberg in the early 1970s. His brother, Steven apprenticed with his older brother, joined him in Davenport in 1973 and subsequently left the studio in 1997 to open his own glass studio (Steven Lundberg Glass Art). For items currently available, see our LUNDBERG STUDIOS PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY; for Lundberg Studios vases, see our Lundberg Studios Art Glass Gallery under Art Glass.
Manson William Manson 2001: Butterfly and millefiori paperweight. Attractive butterfly rests on a lavender ground on which rest spaced white canes and a garland of deep pink canes. This one-off paperweight has a signature cane (WM) on its base and is also signed and dated by the artist. Diameter: 2". $195. (#P077)
Manson William Manson 2001: White floral paperweight. Two delicate white flowers, a bud and green leaves rest on the center of this clear glass paperweight which has a star cut base that is encircle by ruby glass. This extremely attractive multifaceted paperweight has 1 large top facet surrounded by several small oval ones, 8 side facets with pairs of doublets in between them and a row of 16 oval facets near the base. Signed, dated and numbered and has a signature cane (WM). LE of 15. Diameter: ~3¼"; height: 2½". SOLD. (#P075)
McDougall Peter McDougall Glass Studio. Master glassmaker Peter McDougall established his studio in Crieff Scotland in 2002 near the Perthshire Studio, where he worked from1978-2002. He was the lead artist and gaffer at Perthshire when it closed and he subsequently opened his own studio, where he is designing and making high quality paperweights that are collected worldwide. For items currently available, see our PETER McDOUGALL PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Murano (Toso) Murano: Millefiori signed paperweight (F.ili Toso). Attractive cluster of orange, black, and yellow millefiore canes is placed on a central cushion of yellow and white glass, which are all encased in a crystal dome. Has signature cane ("F.ili Toso") placed with other canes. Four and one faceting. F.ili Toso signed paperweights are hard to find! Diameter: 2¾". $95. (#M176)
Murano Murano: Millefiori signed paperweight (F.ili Toso). A large cluster of intricate green and white daisy-type millefiore canes is placed on a central cushion of pink and white glass, which are all encased in a crystal dome. Signature cane ("F.ili Toso") is nestled amongst the central bouquet of flowers. Four and one faceting. Diameter: 2¾". $95. (#ZL423)
New England Glass Co. New England Glass Company: Plymouth Rock paperweight. Antique pressed glass paperweight of the Plymouth Rock, made by the NEGC for the Providence Inkstand Company. See: John D. Hawley's book "The Boston and Sandwich and New England Glass Companies", pg. 7. Impressed on the bottom, in very small print, is: "A rock in the wilderness welcomed our sires from bondage far over the rolling sea. On that holy alter they kindled the fires Jehovah which glow in our bosoms for thee pilgrim rock trademark 1876. Inkst'nd Co. Prov. R.I.". Dimensions: 3¼" (L) x 2¼" (W) x 1½" (H). SOLD. (#ZL780)
New England Glass New England Glass Company: Fruit paperweight (antique). Antique NEGC paperweight with a group of cherries and apples with green leaves arranged on a white latticino ground. Note the small cullet visible (near the edge at 3 o’clock) within the glass. Diameter: 2¾". $295. (#KR140)
New England Glass New England Glass Company: Scramble paperweight (antique). Antique scramble paperweight with a couple portions of “1852" date canes (one visible at 2 o’clock), an “8" cane and a nice variety of early millefiori canes. Diameter: 2". $250. (#KR143)
Millenium cube Optical cubes. Fantastic crystal cubes, tilted on one corner and mounted on a square, beveled edges, mirror base; three sides have dichroic coating and a concave facet. Each cube has diverse aspects depending on angle of light source and view (4 photos provided). Width of one side: 1.5", $85. (#P036). Larger sizes: 2", $110. (#R005); 2", $150. (#P038).
Orient & Flume Orient and Flume 1976: Art nouveau paperweight. Early iridescent surface design paperweight with a classic art nouveau style design, done in shades of blue/green and gold. Signed and dated (Orient & Flume 244 MF 1976); still has its paper O&F label. Diameter: ~2". $195. (#K018)
Orient & Flume Orient and Flume: Emperor penguin glass sculpture. A three-dimensional colorful penguin with red bill, yellow cheeks and a dark green/black body, designed by Bruce Sillars and Scott Byers. Signed, numbered and has paper label. Height: 4¾". SOLD. (#Q056)
Orient & Flume Orient and Flume: Emperor penguin chick glass sculpture. A cute black, white and grey Emperor penguin chick that is signed, numbered, and has a paper O&F label on its base. Height: ~2¾". SOLD. (#Q057)
Pairpoint: Crimped crocus pedestal paperweight. Attractive multi-faceted pedestal paperweight with 1 top facet and 2 rows of 5 facets. The single dark pink central flower is surrounded by numerous rich green leaves, some of which have not yet opened.. This paperweight has a cobalt blue colored pedestal base with a clear glass neck and a Pairpoint Glass Company paper label on its underside. Diameter: 2¾"; Height: 3¼". SOLD. (#U020)
Parabelle Parabelle Glass: Hexafoil garland paperweight. Early Parabelle Glass hexafoil garland millefiori paperweight with pink and white millefiori canes on a deep periwinkle blue ground. A wonderful example of the work of Gary and Doris Scrutton of Parabelle Glass. Signature/date cane (PG 1989) and paper label. Diameter: ~2". Has a small vertical separation (flat bubble?) near the base within the blue ground that is visible only when it is looked at directly from the side. SOLD. (#ZL609)
Perthshire Perthshire Paperweights in Crieff, Scotland, was founded in 1968 by Stuart Drysdale and is known for its fine contemporary paperweights. They are especially well known for their millefiori pieces but produced many lovely lampwork ones as well. Unfortunately, the factory closed in 2002, due to the untimely death of Neil Drysdale, who had taken over the family business begun by his father, and thus Perthshire paperweights (and paperweight related items) will no longer be made. For items currently available, see our PERTHSHIRE PAPERWEIGHTS GALLERY.
Raos Peter Raos 2008: Monet-Spring paperweight. An assortment of colored millefiori flowers and green leaves are scattered over the dark blue surface of this clear glass-encased paperweight. Signed (Peter Raos NZ) and dated (2003). Diameter ~ 2". SOLD. (#Q053)
Rosenfeld Ken Rosenfeld Paperweights. Oregon artist Ken Rosenfeld is one of the leaders amongst glassworkers who have defined the art of the paperweight in recent years. His paperweight expertise evolved from a formal art and technical background when he began working with hot glass in 1975. Since 1984, he has completely devoted his efforts to making lampwork paperweights of the highest quality. For items currently available, see our KEN ROSENFELD PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Joe St. Clair Joe St. Clair Paperweights. Joe St. Clair came from a family of glass workers and they opened St. Clair Glass in Elwood, Indiana in 1941. After World War II, he and his family started producing handmade art glass and in 1959, he began experimenting with color and molds and spent much time making paperweights. He retired in 1971, but subsequently went back to work with his brothers at St. Clair Glass, until his death in 1987. Most of his paperweights are signed Joe St. Clair with a hot stamp. After his death, his brothers and nephews have continued the glass tradition and some still continue to work today. For items currently available, see our JOE ST. CLAIR PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
St. Louis St. Louis 1972: Concentric millefiori piedouche paperweight. A central complex cane is surrounded by nine rows of different color complex millefiori canes, including a signature/date cane. Two spiraling white torsades border its double-swirl latticino pedestal base. Made in a limited edition of 150. Height ~2"; diameter: 3". $2,400. (#S025)
s024t.jpg - 4202 Bytes St. Louis 1976: Close pack millefiori piedouche paperweight. A large central Clichy-type rose is surrounded by tightly packed intricate complex canes of various size and color, including a signature/date cane. Two spiraling white torsades border its double-swirl latticino pedestal base. Made in a limited edition of 250. Height: ~3"; diameter: ~2". SOLD. (#S024)
St. Louis St. Louis 1991: Concentric millefiori mini-piedouche paperweight. Rare mini-piedouche paperweight with several concentric rows of different complex canes in red, white, pink and blue, some having green centers. Two spiraling white torsades border its double-swirl latticino pedestal base. Signature/date cane and made in a limited edition of only 25. Height: 2 5/16"; diameter: 2 5/16". SOLD. (#S026)
St. Louis St. Louis 1976: Floral paperweight. Two intricate yellow Clichy-style roses and one delicate unopened bud rest on a cobalt blue ground. Made in a limited edition of 400. Signature/date cane and paper label. Diameter: ~3¼". SOLD. (#U018)
Satava Satava Art Glass Studio: Moon jellyfish paperweight. A three-dimensional jellyfish with a translucent body and flowing tentacles, is beautifully and delicately depicted in this high-domed paperweight. Signed and dated on base. Height: ~5". $450. (#Q055)
Satava Satava Art Glass: Small Purple-ribbed jellyfish paperweight. A high dome paperweight with a three-dimensional jellyfish with translucent body and flowing tentacles. Appearance depends on lighting conditions. Signed and dated ('09) on base. Height: ~4¾". SOLD (#R048)
Scrutton-Lewis Julie Scrutton Lewis 1998: Concentric millefiori paperweight. A concentric millefiori paperweight with complex canes in amber, lavender and white on a translucent green ground. Signed/dated and LE: 13/25 $225. Diameter: ~2½". (#M144)
Selkirk SelkirkGlass 1981: Yellow flower paperweight. Selkirk Glass paperweight with a translucent green ground on which lies a yellow central flower with a millefiori stamen and green leaves. The flower is surrounded by a row of small millefiori canes. This paperweight was mde in a Limited Edition of 250 and is signed on its base: "Selkirk Glass, Scotland, 12/250, 1981". Diameter: 2½". $125. (#Q009).
Selkirk Selkirk Glass 2000: Pansy and bud paperweight. This pansy and bud paperweight is from Selkirk's Hedgerow series. A purple and yellow pansy with its white cog cane center blooms alongside a bud and green leves, over a clear glass ground. Signed/dated. This Limited Edition (500) paperweight was designed by Peter Holmes. Selkirk Glass has recently closed. Several available. Diameter: 2¾". SOLD. (#N044/P041)
Selkirk Selkirk Glass 1999: Pink wild rose paperweight. This wild rose paperweight is from Selkirk's Hedgerow series. A rose, with a pink and white cog cane center surrounded by five pink speckled white petals blooms next to its buds and green leaves, on clear ground. Signed/dated. This Limited edition (500) paperweight was designed by Peter Holmes. Selkirk Glass has recently closed. Several available. Diameter: ~2½". $145. (#N046)
Selkirk Selkirk Glass 1999: Yellow primrose paperweight. This yellow primrose paperweight is from Selkirk's Hedgerow series. Signed/dated. This Limited Edition (500) paperweight was designed by Peter Holmes. Selkirk Glass has recently closed. Several available. Diameter: 2¼-2". $145. (#P001)
Simpson Josh Simpson 1990: Inhabited planet paperweight. Hard to describe paperweight from the “Inhabited Planet” series. Every planet produced by the artist is unique and has an organic appearing internal texture. This one spans the color range from the deep blue of the ocean, to the varying greens of the land, and must be viewed close up to be appreciated! The pictures depict top and side views. Signed on its base: “Simpson 8-18 1990". Diameter: ~3¾". SOLD. (#R052)
Simpson Josh Simpson 1988: Inhabited planet paperweight. Hard to describe early paperweight from the "Inhabited Planet" series. Every planet produced by the artist is unique and this one is done primarily in gradations of blue. The pictures depict top and side views. Signed on its flat polished base: “Simpson P.11.75 1988". Diameter: ~4". SOLD. (#R053)
Smyers Steve Smyers: "Northern Star" and "Smyers Glass". A selection of early Steve Smyers artglass surface design paperweights from the mid-1970s. For items currently available, see our SMYERS PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Strathearn Strathearn: Concentric millefiori paperweight. Early Strathearn millefiori paperweight with canes in attractive shades of blue, white, maroon and emerald. Diameter: ~1½". $45. (#M173)
Baccarat sulphide Sulphide paperweights. These cameo paperweights were made in France by both Baccarat and Cristalleries d'Albret in the 1960s and 1970s. These paperweights were made in both regular and overlay editions and all were made in limited editions. Baccarat paperweights have an acid etched seal that includes the words "Baccarat, France" and the outline forms of a goblet, decanter and tumbler. D'Albret paperweights are signed on the base with acid-etched letters arranged in a circle: "CR. D'ALBRET-FRANCE". The cameos within the paperweights frequently are signed on the edge with one or more of the following: name of subject, date sculpture was created and name or initials of artist. See our SULPHIDE PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Mayauel Ward Mayauel Ward was first introduced to glass art in a class given by Stuart Abelman, while attending El Camino College, in California. For a while he worked at Correia Glass and then Abelman Glass, but it was his own curiosity that lead him to create lampwork paperweights. Working in his small home glass studio, he taught himself to make miniature lampwork pieces, but subsequently obtained larger equipment and has become quite creative and successful with bigger forms. For items currently available, see our MAYAUEL WARD PAPERWEIGHT GALLERY.
Wedgwood Wedgwood: Charles Dickens cameo paperweight. A white cameo on a blue jasperware disk is centered on the top surface of a drum-shaped crystal. The paperweight has a ring of vertical facets on its sides and a ring of shorter facets on top, which border the cameo. Sunburst-cut base. Signed. Limited edition of 7500. Diameter: ~3" . $85. (#L174)
wHITEFRUARS Whitefriars Glass. It is believed that the Whitefriars Glass Company of London began in 1680. In 1834 James Powell purchased Whitefriars and renamed the company James Powell and Sons. In the 1930s, they began making fine millefiori paperweights, which were characterized by having low, shallow domes and wide bases. In 1962, the company name reverted to Whitefriars Glass Ltd., until its name (and monk logo) were purchased in 1981, by Caithness Glass. For items currently available, see our WHITEFRIARS PAPERWEIGHTS GALLERY.
Joe Zimmerman 1978: White crimped rose paperweight. This white crimped rose paperweight has a white rose with 14 petals and 5 deep green leaves at its base. Between each green leaf is a large controlled bubble, which can be seen in the photo taken from the side of the paperweight. Paperweight is dated and signed, with both a hot stamped “Z” and a hand etched signature. Diameter: 3½". SOLD. (#U019)
Joe Zimmerman: Deer sulphide paperweight. This large sulphide paperweight has a sulphide deer enclosed in a large bubble around which are clusters of small bubbles in a a leaf-shaped design and these are separated by larger controlled bubbles. Has an etched "Joe Zimmerman" signature and also a hot stamped "Z" on its base. Diameter: ~3½". SOLD. (#U017)

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