Paintings done with watercolor or gouache (K-Z)

All paintings are framed unless indicated otherwise; dimensions refer to visible area.

Kennedy Edward Sherard Kennedy (late 19th C.; British). Portrait of a gentleman; embossed seal LL (18¾" x 13½"). SOLD. (#97AY)
Kerr Peter Kerr (19th C.; American). Tropical beach; unframed watercolor signed LR (14" x 21½"). $150. (#98AB)
Kessel Therese Woodleaf Kessel (1883-1976; Woodstock, NY). Winter landscape; framed and matted watercolor signed in pencil bottom center (19¾" x 14¼"); ca. 1950. SOLD. (#98FD)
Langley Edward M. Langley (1870-1949; Los Angeles, California). California coast; signed LR (3¾" x 4½"). SOLD. (#A4BJa)
Lord Louise Lord (20th C.; Orange, New Jersey). Wagon wheel; signed LR (9¼" x 12"). $195. (#A5BM)
Ludovici Julius Ludovici (1837-1906; Los Angeles, California). Central valley homestead; signed LR (10¾" x 15¼"). $1,500. (#A4BL)
Mace John Edmund Mace (b. 1889; British). Melrose Abbey; signed and dated ("1932") LR (13" x 19½"). $950. (#A2AC)
Mankowski Bruno Mankowski (1902-1996; DeBary, Florida). Remembrance of times past; unframed watercolor with pen and ink drawing; estate stamped verso (10¾" x 15½"). $250. (#97BBc) (Note: see Drawings for an additional work by this WPA artist.)
Moskowitz Ira Moskowitz (1912-2001; Santa Fe, New Mexico). Mexican market square; signed LR (11½" x 15½"). SOLD. (#97CB)
Perkins Edna L. Perkins (1907-1975; Kennebunk Beach, Maine). Maine coast: low tide; signed LR (17½" x 23"); unframed. $375. (#A5BJ)
Postle Katherine Joy Postle (1896-1989; Pensacola, Florida). "Looking up Black Water River - Seminole Lodge, Ala" (10" x 14"). Signed LL; titled and dated ("Feb 28, 1932") on back. SOLD. (#A5AQ)
Richards William Trost Richards, N.A. (1833-1905; Newport, Rhode Island) Coast near Cornwall; done ca. 1889; minor water stain in LL corner; signed LR (14" x 11"). $3,500. (#C177)
Rivière D. Riviere (20th C.; European). Typical canal scene of half-timbered houses & the distant, towering Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasbourg, France. Signed LR (16" x 10"). $125. (#97AQ)
Sessions James M. Sessions (1882-1962; Chicago, Illinois). Jamaican market; signed LR (13½" x 10½"). SOLD. (#C311)
Steinhardt Jakob Steinhardt (1887-1968; Israeli). Grief; dated ("1960") LL and initialed LR (5¾" x 4"). SOLD. (#97DA)
Ueda Keisu Ueda (20th C.; Japanese). Winter boatman; Ink watercolor on silk; signed LR (13" x 9"). $125. (#B018)
Wadsworth Wedworth Wadsworth (1846-1927; Durham, Connecticut). Lakeside scene; signed LL (5¾" x 11¾"). SOLD. (#97CA)
Weir J. Alden Weir (1852-1919; New York City). Connecticut farmhouse; signed LR (8½" x 23¾"). $2,250. (#C182)
Wiggs H. Ross Wiggs, R.C.A. (early 20th C.; Canadian). "Motif No. 1, Rockport, Mass."; signed LL (9½" x 13½") by this prominent Canadian architect. SOLD. (#C050)

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